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2012 Christian Novel Writing Contest

Entries are starting to come in for ACM’s 2012 Christian Novel contest!

Due to last year’s strong response, we are updating the cash prize to $1,500 for first prize and $1,000 for the second prize.  Like this year, an offer to publish may also be extended.

To learn more about the contest, visit the 2012 Christian Novel Writing Contest home page.

Offers to publish were extended to both of the 2011 winning authors, ‘Shirl’ Tucker and Robert Abernathy.   As of this month (May 2011) Shirley Tucker has entered into a contract to publish her winning novel, “Diamonds in the Dust.”  Look for it this fall!  An agreement between ACM and Robert Abernathy may be forthcoming, as well.

While early in the development of the “Diamonds in the Dust” for publication, a web page has been established and we invite everyone to bookmark it and watch for pre-order information, reviews, and the like.  Check it out:  DiamondsintheDust.net

The deadline for entries in the 2012 ACM Christian Novel contest is September 1st, 2011.  Early entries are encouraged to ensure sufficient time to evaluate the manuscript.  As they are much longer than short stories, each one takes more time to judge (obviously).  That’s just a free tip for authors there…



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