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A couple of books to review

I received in the mail today two books to review… reminding me I’ve got a review or two yet to write!  Argh!

To whet your appetite, let me say that both of these books appear to be solid and their respective websites look worthy of your investigation.

The first book is Rational Conclusions by James D. Agresti.  This appears to be a thorough and cumulative apologetic for Christianity drawn from multiple disciplines.  His website is www.justfacts.com.   Find the book on Amazon, here.

The next book, by Dr. Edgar Andrews, is called Who Made God:  Searching for a Theory of EverythingPick it up on Amazon.  I always like it when scientists step it up against other ‘scientists.’


I was feeling a bit like a heel for not having gotten to the other reviews of books that have been sent my way that I ran down and grabbed them so I could at least get some links their way.  It’s the least I can do, I reckon.

Logic’s End:  A Novel about the Origin of Life in the Universe by Keith A. Robinson.  Buy it on Amazon.  A clever way of discussing the logical consequences of evolutionary theory.

Teleo Scouts:  Made for Manhood- A Course in Christian Adventure for Fathers and Sons by Kenneth Knott.  I consulted this book in prep for my presentation at the 2010 National Lutherans for Life Conference.  Some good insight in it.  Amazon.

Valkyrie:  The Story of the Plot to Kill Hitler by its Last Member by Philipp Freiherr von Boeselager.  I feel the worst about not getting this review done. 🙁  It was a good story, and all the more because I enjoy watching people sort through competing moral principles.  My only complaint on the book is the red dot on the cover.  For awhile I figured I had been sent a defective copy.  Anyway.  Buy on Amazon.

I’ve got two by Dr. Frederick N. Dyer.  These opened my eyes to the fight against abortion that raged in the 1800s.  I had no idea, really.  I haven’t finished these two books yet so can’t actually sit down to write the review but as a resource to have on hand they’ve already been outstanding.  Here they are:

I will get all these reviews written.  I will.  May my delays be forgiven me and may this belated post help repay my debt for the insight and knowledge that I’ve already received.


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