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Behold, a New Year!

2008.  Crazy.  I feel like it was just last week when it was 2007.  I’m still busy recovering from my holiday traveling.  There was only one incident of vomiting this year which is an improvement over the more than a dozen incidents last year.  I like the trend.

2008 looks like it holds a lot of promise for this apologetic project of mine.  I’ve been at nearly full-time Christian apologetics for much of the last ten years and but have glimpses of how it might actually support itself (preferably through book sales… my attempt to mimic Paul’s tentmaking).  I was on the radio a dozen times, including several national networks.  My book was reviewed on Worldnetdaily.com.  My materials were used in hundreds of places.

My goals for this year involve reaching out more to churches then I did in previous years.  Having bickered with atheists, Mormons, and JWs over the last decade I increasingly have come to the view that the Christian church itself needs to do a better job of informing its members on what it believes and in this way it will prevent many from falling away in the first place.  Of course, there will always be nonChristians among us.  If we can at least make sure that a person who leaves the Christian faith leaves with all of the best reasons and with nonStrawman grasp of what they are rejecting, we’ll at least have done our best.

To this end, I intend to devote much of 2008 to creating materials for churches to use as well as providing resources to bring people up to speed in areas where my experience suggests the Church needs strengthening.

To facilitate this effort, I will be looking to finally become non-profit entity in the near future, hopefully no later than February.   I probably will not pursue tax-exemption, at least not immediately.  I will leave the option open as I have something like 2 years to convert from a non-profit to a 501c3 if I want to.

I will have plenty more to say into the future- which looks bright, warm, and cuddly.


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