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California Eugenics and the Devil’s Schemes

Originally Posted at the ChristianPost.com:  Eugenics and the Devil’s Schemes in California (and Elsewhere)

In Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians he makes a comment that I have always found intriguing: “… in order that Satan might not outwit us. For we are not unaware of his schemes.” (2 Cor. 2:11)

I find this interesting, because as it seems to me, Christians continue to be outwitted by their chief Enemy and merrily remain unaware of his schemes. Of course, this applies to non-Christians, but that goes without saying, since they don’t even believe he exists. Christians, the bulk of whom presumably believe Satan is real and active, seeking those to devour, have no such excuse.

The example I want to provide today of the devil’s schemes, to be clear, is not something I am putting at the feet of Christians, as if to blame them. Instead, I submit it as an example of how devious and deceptive our enemy is; alert to his schemes, we perhaps won’t allow ourselves to be outwitted.

The example is the news out of California yesterday that over a period of about five years, imprisoned women were sterilized without state approval. In some of those cases, it appears also that the women had not given consent. In others, it may be the case that they did not even know the procedure was going to be performed. It is hard to tell from the article. What is clear, is that some of the women who did ‘give consent’ were pressured into doing so.

This treatment of women, some would think, is the sort of thing that could never happen after Roe vs. Wade. Didn’t it enshrine a women’s right to do with her body as she pleased? This is one of the enemy’s first deception, and one that I am afraid he has found many humans happily willing to knowingly go along with the deception. The ‘right’ to an abortion has little to nothing to do, in the eyes of the elites, with a woman’s reproductive choice. They were concerned, and remained concerned, with only two things: population control and making a bunch of money for themselves, preferably on the tax payer’s dime. “Choice” is a mere myth that popular society has imbibed and accepted, the elites, such as those who run Planned Parenthood, don’t give a lick.

I realize that is an assertion that many should like to see extensively corroborated. Space won’t allow it, but if there is a single document that exposes just how quickly organizations such as Planned Parenthood are willing to dispense with “women’s rights” in considering solutions, take a look at what is known as the Jaffe Memo. This memo, submitted to the Population Council in 1969 by Planned Parenthood’s vice-president in charge of ‘population’ issues, Frank Jaffe, proposes a number of measures to reduce fertility in the United States. Examples include:

  • Adding fertility control agents in the water supply
  • Requiring women to work and then providing few child care facilities
  • Abortion and sterilization on demand
  • Compelling women to be sterilized–or get abortions
  • Oh, and encouraging increased homosexuality.

I’m sure that the rapid public acceptance of homosexuality in our society has everything to do with rights, and nothing to do with elite propagandists forty years ago who saw in it a convenient way to reduce the population in the United States. (To draw the connection for people in our society today who for some reason may not be able to understand Jaffe’s logic… gay couples cannot, by themselves, reproduce. Did you know that? You may think this perfectly plain self-evident fact is a bigoted statement rather than the perfectly plain self-evident fact that it is. You can thank the propagandists for your inability to grasp this logic, and the speed in which you pull out the “you are a bigot!” card.)

That is a slight digression, but I make the point because it is another case in point of secular humanist liberal atheist materialists in a previous generation lying about their objectives, and winning acceptance of their proposals on a basis entirely different than the one that drives their agenda.

It may seem hard for some of us to learn that Planned Parenthood submitted abortion on demand as a population control measure, and was even willing to consider compelling women to get abortions, but that is precisely what they did. Whether or not this remains their agenda, of course we’ll never know, because, like the Enemy, they lie.

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