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Planned Parenthood Admits on Video that Infanticide Continues

Over the last week or so I have had several opportunities to tell people about Barack Obama’s opposition to the Born Alive legislation in Illinois which would have required medical assistance to babies that survive the abortion procedure. Without exception, each of these individuals was unaware of the issue.

It would be one thing if people were aware of this but dismissed it or factored it in- or even the unthinkable: they approve of it- but to not even be aware? This I think is the fault of the ‘average American’ and the Media.


Is Calling a Person a Socialist just Name Calling? Is it Christian to ‘Spread the Wealth’?

There is, in fact, both secular and religious reasons to be concerned about people who wish to use the State to be ‘brother’s keeper.’ Personally, reading Obama’s statement that he is ‘his brother’s keeper’ in this context put chills down my spine. He aims to be the epitome of ‘Big Brother.’ We need not go to the book 1984 to see the dangers when ‘Big Brother’ to see what abuses can arise. Using the government to ‘help’ people means that a select few within the government will have to decide who needs help and what kind of ‘help’ is necessary.


What should Christians do about Barack Obama’s Stance on Abortion

In my email box I have a letter from a Christian pastor saying that he is voting pro-life, which means he is voting for Obama, on the grounds that protecting the environment is protecting everyone’s life. McCain, of course, is on the global warming band wagon, so on its face the comment seems unnerving. In light of what abortion is and the scale of which it occurs in our country, though, complaining about the environment while the abortion issue is on the table seems to me like complaining about the pollution made by the furnaces of one of Hitler’s death camps as it incinerates tens of thousands of Jews a day. I guess what I’m saying is that I agree that the environment is important, but set against the deaths of millions of people a year before they’ve even had a chance to take their first breath… well, first things first, is all I’m saying.


Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement if Obama Wins

The dreadful reality is that we are always only a moment away from the collapse of civilization. We act as though we have a right to peace and security, prosperity and plenty. We do not. It is true that we had peace and prosperity in large part because of our Christian heritage. This is a blessing, not a right. It was a gift, not an inevitability. And it never was the case that it could substitute the church acting out in a Love so fierce and noble that none could mistake it for something other than supernatural.


Obama on Abortion: the Next Great American Liar- At least he’s Eloquent!

Because I believe that the unborn are really persons abortion is a huge issue for me.  I am generally sympathetic to some pro-choicers… some of them lack the imagination required to treat as a human person something that doesn’t quite look like a human.  I still vehemently reject the position but I’m sympathetic.  But what […]


Anthony Horvath added to Lutherans for Life Speaker’s Bureau

I am pleased- and honored- to have been added to the speakers bureau for Lutherans for Life. This nationally known organization is the Lutheran response to abortion on demand and other life issues in the United States and the world. I invite you to check out the portion of my autobiography they posted:


Keep Your Religion out of Politics, Only Secular Values are Appropriate

Here is the brutal truth, and this presidential election is a good place to remind ourselves: politics are merely manifestation of our beliefs about the world. If that is religion, then atheists have religion. Now, I’m not saying that everyone applies their beliefs consistently in all avenues of our lives or that politics is conducive to consistently applied principles. I’m just calling attention to the fact that everyone’s politics reduce to their foundational beliefs, and it isn’t fair or right to allow the atheists free reign in carrying out the ramifications of their foundational beliefs but not allow Christians and other religious folks from carrying out the ramifications of their foundational beliefs.

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