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Jesus: The Greatest Con Man to Ever Live

Jesus: The Greatest Con Man to Ever Live The Great Jesus Conspiracy (AKA, Christians are either wicked, or fools, sometimes both) Copyright Anthony Horvath 2004 How the document transcribed below came to me I cannot divulge. My hope is that I can get it into the mainstream before my fate becomes like those of the […]


Miscellaneous Announcements About Stories and Essays

Over the years I have produced all sorts of written material and a lot of it is on the web. What is it doing on the web? Pretty much nothing, since the search engines have never managed to find it. However, the power of WordPress has been that anything and its mother picks up what […]


Metanarrative: Apologetics in a PostModern Society that Demands Modernist Evidences

I posted a very quick blurb the other day about how I was going to start publishing some of my short stories on my blog. I didn’t elaborate much on it, but I used the word ‘metanarrative’ in the title. To my surprise, I received a fair amount of hits just from that brief mention. […]


Short Story: Mother Teresa Goes to Heaven

This short story was inspired by this article at Time, here. I blogged on that article here: “Mother Teresa had moments of doubt?“ β€œIt is not enough to save you.” Teresa heard the words with horror. She had heard the entire conversation and she trembled throughout it. Each utterance was burned into her mind so […]


Short Stories, Etc, metanarrative, literary apologetics, fiction, etc

I am an author and really dig ‘world-building.’ I like to tell stories in general and sometimes like to make a point via stories. I have quite a few short stories that I have decided I will make available on my blog since it gets a heck of a lot more traffic than their current […]

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