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Solving the Islamicist Problem Once and For All, Part 5: Who Are You?


When I was a professional church worker I constantly raised this question:  “Who are you?” and attempted to instill in each person this answer:  “I am a unique child of God, full of potential, and my life is hidden in Christ.” Life experience has taught me that there is power in this identity.  I have […]


Christmas and the Pri(n)ce of Peace

Peace usually is won through violence, not by hurling platitudes at each other. True story.


How Julian the Apostate Defeated the Church in America


Many people, think Christians only care about abortion and gay marriage. Since that is not true, how did this impression come about?


Solving the Islamicist Problem Once and For All, Part 4: Citizens of Two Kingdoms

This conversation did not really happen, but it could be easily had: Them:  Jesus would want us to show kindness to Muslims (eg., ‘refugees’) and if that means making ourselves vulnerable to extremists, so be it.  That is part of the Christian message.  We should be people of peace. Me:  So, you’re saying that if […]


Solving the Islamicist Problem Once and For All, Part 3

Installment 1: They’re coming for you, whether your like it or not.  War began before you were even born. Installment 2: Don’t give them a foothold. They will ABSOLUTELY use it against you. In the second installment I argued that there were certain things about the Islamic religion that naturally bear certain kinds of fruit.  […]


Solving the Islamicist Problem Once and For All, Part 2

Last week I posted an article on the same topic, where I make the following points:  A problem cannot be solved unless one actually understands it.  But even that is not enough.  One must have the will to carry out the solution. World conquest in the name of Allah is Islamic doctrine.  Whether or not […]


The Christian and the Syrian Refugees: A Rebuke

The seemingly impossible has been achieved: Christians, interceding on behalf of ‘Syrian Refugees,’ have piled onto Christians who actually have been interceding for Syrian refugees for months, and even years.

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