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China is beating us at our own game; abortion is a population control measure, no more, no less

China is merely “beating us at our own game.” It was the US that first conceived of the ‘one child’ policy.


Thank a Rich Person this Tax Season — A Call to Abolish Taxes and Enact a Balanced Budget Amendment

I would just like to take this moment to thank the rich people of America for their generous subsidizing the lion’s share of America’s taxes. This year, for example, I am especially grateful for the child tax credit. Thanks!
—- Dear NSA and IRS agents, I know you’re reading this, but please…


How Californian Conservatives can Save America.

California has been voting Democrat/liberal for many years and there is no sign of this changing any time soon. Thus, California is going to be sticking its fat liberal thumb on the scales of American politics long into the future. I would like to propose, however, that conservatives in California have the ability to Save America. “How?” you ask. Answer: MOVE.


Support Sntjohnny/Athanatos Ministries with your NON-tax-exempt Donation

Every June, we run a donor drive.  In getting this year’s ready, I noted that my typical proviso that ACM is not tax-exempt had more significance than in previous years. Over the last few weeks we have been regaled with case after case of conservative, Christian, anti-Obama, anti-Obama agenda organizations that have been targeted by […]


A Theology of Taxation? Horvath column published at

This is a column of mine that published several years back.  In light of recent events concerning the IRS targeting of tea party and conservative groups (and anyone else opposed to Obama’s policies), it seemed appropriate to highlight it again. I am not a theologian or an economist and have never received formal instruction […]


The real reason there is an ammunition shortage in America?

Anyone paying attention at all knows that there has been a huge run on guns and ammo in America thanks to the efforts of the number one gun salesman in America–Barack Obama.   You would be mistaken if you thought that this ‘run’ was inspired only out of concern for stricter gun laws.  Many people have […]


How to steal an election, Alinsky-Style

The 2012 election was stolen, Alinsky-style. Who knows what other tactics they used that we haven’t even discovered yet. We may even ask: what is it they did that is so much worse than the IRS thing that they don’t want us to know about? After all, they were the ones who spilled the beans on the IRS scandal. We’ll never know, and that is the problem: we can never know if the truth is the truth, when it comes from the government’s lips.

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