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Video of pro-life presentation in Sparta Topic: Be a Hero

This is the video of the presentation I delivered in Jan, 2010.  The pro-life topic title was:  “Be a hero.”

Direct link to video.

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Antony Flew Goes to Heaven: A Parable

Readers of this blog know that I have an interest in Antony Flew, having even had the honor of corresponded with him.   Click here for a list of posts I’ve written regarding Dr. Flew.  The short story below may be understood better by some if you read this particular post of mine where I discuss the Flew-Wisdom parable.

In order to better get a sense of my overall picture of things, you might (after reading the story below) want to read my short story titled, to your surprise no doubt, “Mother Teresa Goes to Heaven.”

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Living Epistles

The Bible says to not think it strange when a fiery trial comes along. How come we do?

Because as “advanced” as we are in this new millenium, we are made of the same stuff as those who lived in the first century. Hebrews 11 speaks as loudly today as it did when it was written. Men and women who lived by faith. They didn’t “see” or else it wouldn’t have been faith. Many saw victories but it came with a price. And many would not see their victory until the Final Day.

This is where the rubber meets the … continue reading...

We Were Made For Relationship

We were made for relationship.

Online social networks, reality television programs, Twitter, IM, email, blogs, texting, sports and entertainment events… we are wired to connect.

Christians explain that we need this connection, first with God. We say that people are trying to fill an empty place in their hearts and often look for other things to satisfy that empty place. We say that God, the Creator of humanity, the Master Designer and Builder, made us so that we would need that relationship with Him. Here we see a God that loves us, our response to His love, and loving Him continue reading...

tickling ears or touching hearts? part 2

There’s a lot of churches out there.

I have been a church-goer for 30 years. I’ve been serious about Christianity. I’m practical. I’m simple.

My seriousness about Christianity simply means (see? simple) as much as is within me, I am devoted and dedicated to the Lord. I’m not a bandwagon jumper. I hate them. I’ve seen a lot of trends in Christianity. Ones I have held to the light of what I understand is simple in the scriptures. I am not a Bible scholar. I do not have a degree. But I suppose that puts me kinda “up there” with … continue reading...

Why Christians are against Universal Health Care

“the “right” within the church attempt to leverage the gov. to legislate morality. The “left” within the church attempt to leverage the gov. to legislate compassion. Both approaches fail miserably and are an abdication of our responsibility to be the voice, hands and feet of Jesus in this world.” – spoken by a friend.

Someone slid this article across my desk that inquires as to why evangelical Christians are against universal health care.   Now, strictly speaking, I’m not an evangelical.  Also, I don’t think that all Christians oppose universal health care, and I will not presume that … continue reading...

tickling ears or touching hearts?

Everyone wants to be valued. Everyone wants to be accepted. It’s the way we’re wired.

God values us. God accepts us. He’s the one that did the wiring.

Yet, we, the very proponents of the Good News can fall prey to defining and confining with conditional love (which isn’t really love as defined in 1 Corinthians 13). We’ve examined others through our own lens, defined them by our own measure, and confined them with our secret (or blatant) disqualification. We forget the debt we have been forgiven of and go out and demand from another.

So what to do? Well, … continue reading...

Introducing a guest blogger: Kathleen Moulton

I am very pleased to invite blogger Kathy Moulton to contribute entries here on Sntjohnny.com.  I’ve enjoyed reading her entries which you can read at her website:  http://cupakathy.livejournal.com/

She has been invited to contribute here more or less whenever she wants so watch for her entries soon! Read her bio below.

Kathy Moulton lives in Upstate New York with her husband and three children. She is privileged to be full-time homemaker for almost 30 years, along with homeschooling her 8 children, ages 8-26.

She has a passion to bring encouragement and hope to people of all ages, along with a … continue reading...

The Culture War is Over and We Lost? So… guerrilla warfare…

My ministry will be hosting an online apologetics conference this May with the theme of ‘literary apologetics.’  The general idea is to impact the culture in intentional ways to pave the way for better reception of the Gospel of Christ.  So culture is on my mind.

Something I’ve been pondering for awhile is this:  Is the culture war over?  And did we lose it?

I part company with those who seek to Christianize the culture as though this in itself is a noble goal.  It seems to me that this would in effect merely make our culture a ‘white washed … continue reading...

Whatever a man can do a woman can do better

I was raised hearing that slogan, “Whatever a man can do, a woman can do better.”

You know, I think I actually believe this.  At least, at the level of the individual I think that somewhere out there is some woman who can do whatever specific task usually considered as something a man does better.

An age old question that most people trace back to Jurassic Park is, “Just because you can do something, does it follow that you should do it.”  In actuality, we can trace this sentiment back further, to the Apostle Paul, who said:  “Everything is permissible … continue reading...

8 Things I hate About Christianity, Condensed

I just read a very fine blog entry from a person detailing 8 things he hates about Christianity.  I thought I would follow suit.

Here goes:

#1-#8.  The Church is systemically unloving.

If all of the law is summed up in two commands- Love God and love your neighbor- I don’t see why all the things we may hate about Christianity cannot, and should not, be reduced to their inverse.… continue reading...

On the slaying of dragons and manly love

Yesterday I had the good pleasure to post on my recent ruminations that ‘love’ had taken a distinctly ‘feminine’ turn since who knows when.   This generated a fair bit of response, including some remarks from women themselves who really resonated with what I said.  Some responses were of the sort that I feared, though.  Taking them all together, I felt a follow up was in order.  Unfortunately, the first draft of this ran over 1,500 words, crying out for revision, so it still isn’t going to cover everything that a reader may want.

One of the things I noted about … continue reading...

The feminization of love and romance: can manly men live up to girlie love?

I fear that this post is going to be construed as sexist.  Let me assure the reader that I love women.  Some of my best friends are women.  In fact, I’m even married to one (and she is not a pillow).  People have noted that the female characters in my Birth Pangs series are really strong, independent ladies.  But I think I’m still going to be called a sexist.

I had the misfortune to see the movie Twilight this weekend with my wife.   I had heard that it was a chick flick.  That’s not the misfortunate part.  The … continue reading...

In search of a systematic theology of love

Regular readers of this blog are aware that my fiction series, Birth Pangs, have their first three books patterned after 1 Cor 13:13, “these three remain:  faith, hope and love.”  The first was Fidelis (Latin for faithfulness).  The second was Spero (Latin for hope).  The third, which I will soon sit down to begin writing, is Caritas (Latin for love).

I am therefore in a deliberate search for materials that speak specifically to a Christian understanding of love.  This search has been ongoing for more than a decade and I must confess I have to this point been disappointed.… continue reading...