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Living Epistles

The Bible says to not think it strange when a fiery trial comes along. How come we do? Because as “advanced” as we are in this new millenium, we are made of the same stuff as those who lived in the first century. Hebrews 11 speaks as loudly today as it did when it was […]


We Were Made For Relationship

We were made for relationship. Online social networks, reality television programs, Twitter, IM, email, blogs, texting, sports and entertainment events… we are wired to connect. Christians explain that we need this connection, first with God. We say that people are trying to fill an empty place in their hearts and often look for other things to satisfy […]


tickling ears or touching hearts? part 2

There’s a lot of churches out there. I have been a church-goer for 30 years. I’ve been serious about Christianity. I’m practical. I’m simple. My seriousness about Christianity simply means (see? simple) as much as is within me, I am devoted and dedicated to the Lord. I’m not a bandwagon jumper. I hate them. I’ve […]


Why Christians are against Universal Health Care

“the “right” within the church attempt to leverage the gov. to legislate morality. The “left” within the church attempt to leverage the gov. to legislate compassion. Both approaches fail miserably and are an abdication of our responsibility to be the voice, hands and feet of Jesus in this world.” – spoken by a friend.

Someone slid this article across my desk that inquires as to why evangelical Christians are against universal health care. Now, strictly speaking, I’m not an evangelical. Also, I don’t think that all Christians oppose universal health care, and I will not presume that Christians who do will share all my reasons. I hope this caveat spares me the litany of comments accusing me of ‘generalizing.’

I will take the article as my foil as it is one of the finest expressions of liberal hubris and arrogance that I’ve seen in a while. The author begins by indicating he seriously wanted to know why Christians who are supposed to be all about love would oppose health care. The end includes a long screed:

(p.s. this opinion is reserved for those Christians who have not actually thought about the consequences, and decided that more people are harmed than helped by the new law. They are being consistent with their beliefs. That being said, if you think you are in that camp of people excluded, you probably aren’t. You probably are just being geedy, selfish and jerkish, but convincing yourself that this is why you oppose it, while the truth remains you just dont want taxed, or adhere to some abstract notion of how this bill is UnGodly).


tickling ears or touching hearts?

Everyone wants to be valued. Everyone wants to be accepted. It’s the way we’re wired. God values us. God accepts us. He’s the one that did the wiring. Yet, we, the very proponents of the Good News can fall prey to defining and confining with conditional love (which isn’t really love as defined in 1 […]


Introducing a guest blogger: Kathleen Moulton

I am very pleased to invite blogger Kathy Moulton to contribute entries here on I’ve enjoyed reading her entries which you can read at her website:

She has been invited to contribute here more or less whenever she wants so watch for her entries soon! Read her bio below.

Kathy Moulton lives in Upstate New York with her husband and three children. She is privileged to be full-time homemaker for almost 30 years, along with homeschooling her 8 children, ages 8-26.


The Culture War is Over and We Lost? So… guerrilla warfare…

Something I’ve been pondering for awhile is this: Is the culture war over? And did we lose it?

I part company with those who seek to Christianize the culture as though this in itself is a noble goal. It seems to me that this would in effect merely make our culture a ‘white washed tomb.’ More important than the culture are the people within it and their state of mind and eternal fates. Nonetheless, people are strongly influenced by the culture at large whether they know it or not or admit it or not. An unfriendly culture will make it harder for people to receive the Gospel.

I believe that. To an extent. I note, however, that the Christian Church itself exploded into existence within a culture that was not yet, by virtue of the fact that there wasn’t a pervasive Christianity to Christianize, Christian.

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