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As tends to happen on occasion, complaints or concerns are raised that I, as a Christian apologist would weigh in on political affairs.  I’m also a citizen of this country and a normal human being and there is nothing about this blog or my site or my ministry that indicates that I plan on compartmentalizing myself.  Clearly, my main focus is apologetics as that is where my main passion is.

On the other hand, since I firmly believe that ideas have consequences and nonChristian ideas often have very bad consequences, in my quest to reach out to individual souls I understand that the right ideas in the hands of the right person at the right time can save lives, perhaps thousands or even millions of lives.   Well, GK Chesterton said many of the same things I say way back in 1906, and he being much better known than I will ever be was unable to stave off the Russian revolution, the rise of fascism, the concentration camps, the Stalinist purges, re-colonization, etc.   Still, I feel obligated as a citizen of this country and of this world to wade into the battlefield of ideas.  Every four years in the US those ideas get moved to the forefront.  People who should have been thinking about them all the time take a few months out of their mundane lives to consider such heady topics.

This does not mean that the apologetic content of this site is going to diminish.  Political posts will happen.

However, I must thank Don Hank, the editor in chief of Laigle’s Forum, for inviting me to be a staff writer at his site : www.laiglesforum.com

This will as a good outlet for me to post more of my political musings vis a vis the Christian religion.  I have already posted several entries there.  The most recent covers just what I’m talking about here- Christian apologetics and politics.  I have posted two early paragraphs from that essay below and if you want to read the whole entry follow the link below it.

 Ideas have consequences. Words have meanings. The calamities of the 20th century were all foreshadowed by the ideas that had been kicked around in the 19th century. Today, there is an observed stubbornness to deny the connection between the ideologies of one century and the atrocities of the next. This stubbornness itself is an ideology, and it will have a consequence. Very likely, that consequence will be that the rehashed ideologies of the 19th century will emerge again and- because ideas have consequences- result in another wave of atrocities that must inevitably follow if those ideas are allowed to bear fruit. The corn seed cannot help but produce the corn plant. An apple tree will not produce a pear.

In the Christian worldview you have within it a doctrine which serves as a staunch check on free-wheeling ideology. That doctrine is ‘original sin.’ From a practical point of view, one consequence is that if you believe that people will, by nature, try to get away with whatever they can, you will be careful in centering power and authority and always be sure to enact corresponding checks and balances as you go. One result of this thinking is a constitutional system like our own in the United States. Another result would be seeing the value in national sovereignty, for nations serve as checks and balances against other nations.

Christian apologetics could serve a vital role in persuading people about the true nature of man

Read the whole entry at Laigle’s Forum. 


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