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Christians in the Voting Booth should First Not Steal

Just posted this on my blog at Christian Post.com

In this election season it seems like there is a fair number of the American electorate that needs to be asked:  “What is it about ‘Thou shalt not steal’ that you don’t understand?”

Now, there is little use putting this question to secular humanists and atheists.  While to a man they all very much hope that humanity abides by the general principle (as far as their possessions go), since most of them reject any notion of there being a moral standard, obviously we cannot call them to act according to that standard.

Christians and others who abide by the Judeo-Christian worldview, however, are another matter.  This column is directed only to those who make it their earnest goal to abide by the Scriptures.  More to the point, it is directed at those who say they want to act in accordance to the Scriptures, but really aren’t.

“Thou shalt not steal.”  What is theft?  It is taking what doesn’t belong to you, of course.  Sometimes we think we can justify this taking.  A great many Christians in our country today align themselves politically as liberals.    In short, a great many Christians believe that they can take from others, against their will and without their consent, and use it for their own purposes- theoretically to give it to those who are ‘needy.’

Usually, these Christians haven’t actually bothered to think about the moral and biblical basis for what they are supporting.  They hear Jesus say “Love!” and they figure that no further thought is necessary.  We can take a lesson from the Sermon on the Mount, though, where Jesus said that he didn’t come to abolish the law, but to fulfill it.  Love, certainly.   In the name of Love, though, one does not steal.  This command is still on the table.  Obedience to it does not win you salvation, but it is not obliterated.  People who claim to abide by the Scriptures are not permitted to steal.  Period.

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