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Community center in northern Wisconsin needs financial assistance

A friend of mine who works at a community center in Mantiwoc, WI, that is a Christian outreach to the area, has alerted people to the desperate financial situation that they are in.  Here is his message:

We are a youth center in downtown Mantiwoc WI. We are at risk of loosing the center due to lack of funds just to pay rent on space. The owner of the building had been very gracious but has come to a point where he is loosing money due to economy also. We need $7000 to cover past and present rent. We are now a 501c3 and can give a tax receipt. Do you have any immediate ideas or know where we can turn to? It would be a shame to have a place that is helping youth disappear. To many have come and gone in our town. The youth of our community and several agencies take advantage of the center also. We are just having a hard time raising funds. Anything you can do help would be appreciated.

Thank you
Tom Riley
The Edge Youth Center Director

To learn more or get in touch with the center you can follow up on the Facebook Event page.

My friend and those he works with have been laboring at this for many years now.  I can attest to the genuineness of the people involved and their commitment to their endeavor.


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