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Dan Barker and ‘Equal Time’ or, Dear Atheist, Please tell the truth

Dan Barker’s Freedom from Religion Foundation is back at it.  Every year they manage to find atheists with presumably no intestinal fortitude, thus explaining the sharp pains in their guts and mental distress when they see a nativity scene, much like vampires wince at the sight of the crucifix.  The Caped Crusader is back in action, but this time with a twist:  now he doesn’t want Christian imagery obliterated from the public square.*  He just wants ‘equal time.’

“Our members want equal time,” Barker said. “Not to muscle, not to coerce, but just to have a place at the table.”

And that just ain’t true.  He doesn’t want ‘equal time.’  That is not what his organization desires.  So why the switch?  One doesn’t like to speculate, but given how many lawsuits the man has sponsored to emphatically ensure that religion gets NO time, we can be certain that he is lying.  Why he is lying, I don’t know.

The irony is that when Christians or so-called ‘closet creationists’** want to have their views expressed in science classrooms as ‘equal time’ all the gloves come off.  In typical atheistic technique, logic works just one way- by ‘equal time’ Barker means ‘for me, not for you.’

*No one is fooled about even this.  After religion is purged from the public square, they will next go for the private sector.  We are talking about people who get sick when they see a 10 Commandment statue.  One supposes that it doesn’t matter if it is on private or public property.

**in atheist-speak (in which I am fluent), anybody who is skeptical even in the slightest with the materialistic origins myth called ‘evolution’ is a creationist.  The only difference to atheists is whether or not they admit it or not.  Thus even old earth theistic evolutionists like Hugh Ross and Francis Collins are cretinists in their eyes (just one example).  (Moral of the story:  there is no pleasing the likes of Barker, Dawkins, Harris, etc., so don’t even try)


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