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How did the “Astonishing number of White Nationalists” do in the 2018 Midterms? A recap

Back in June, NBC breathlessly regurgitated ‘data from the Southern Poverty Law Center’ asserting that a ‘record number’ of ‘white nationalists’ were running for office, ’emboldened’ by Donald Trump.  The NPCs everywhere then reported it dutifully–as they have been conditioned to do so—as self-evidently significant and undeniably revealing important information about Republicans, and, well, literally everybody who is not a liberal Democrat progressive.

I have been monitoring such nonsense for quite awhile.  For example, I showed in this post how the SPLC’s own ‘data’ shows that there wasn’t a ‘record number’ running at all; the SPLC itself had listed 23 individuals running in 2012–’emboldened’ by Obama.  Wait, what?  (Just goes to show you, whether its hot or cold, thin or fat, yes or no, EVERYTHING proves their premise… and hence, nothing can disprove it…)

A term often used by conservatives to describe the media is the ‘drive by.’  This is a reference to mafia style hit jobs, where the hit-man drive up in a car, spray their targets with bullets, and then drive off before anyone can catch them.  Even if the media eventually issues a ‘correction,’ the damage has been done.  The correction comes in small text on a back page, while the damage was originally done by blaring headlines that saturated the consciousness of the masses for days.

So, after the original NBC Today ‘hit’ piece, assassinating again the character of tens of millions of Americans, I was reasonably confident that they never returned to the ‘scene of the crime’ to see how things actually turned out.   A search of their website shows the original story back on May 31st and nothing yet post-election.  (Don’t act so surprised).   My post today aims to follow up, now that the election has taken place.

First, let’s set the stage.

Back in July, we were given this hysteric announcement by at “The Daily Dot.”

Once relegated to the fringes of society, white nationalists have been emboldened by the nationalist sentiments that have cursed through Donald Trump’s presidency. Now they are publicly running for office and, in some cases, winning races.

Yes, he said ‘cursed through.’  That’s not a typo on my end.

Tessa Stuart at “The Rolling Stone” writes:

Just as the Trump presidency has inspired a wave of women and people of color to run for office in 2018, it’s also opened the door for candidates motivated by white nationalism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, misogyny and racism. Seemingly emboldened by Trump’s divisive rhetoric – and the GOP’s mute indifference to it – this new class of candidates is testing the appetite for bigotry in public life among constituencies across the nation.

That’s ‘2’ for ’emboldened’ and I wasn’t even looking!

Anyway, there were hundreds of articles weeping, wailing, and gnashing teeth along these lines.  It sounds so horrible, right?  There are a ‘record number’! They are ‘publicly running’ (no data on how the people secretly running fared in the elections)! The GOP is indifferent to racism and that’s why these ‘white nationalists’ are running! And, “in some cases, winning!”

Ah, but did they win?

And if they didn’t, what would that mean?  A quick scan of articles this morning sees self-righteous prigs thumping their chests, saying that the 2018 election was a repudiation of Trump’s ‘bigotry’ … or, it could mean that the GOP was never racist, at all.  Crazy, I know.

So, lets dig in just a bit.  I will try not to repeat myself too much from the last time I tackled this specific topic, so you can check that out too.

I tried to find a list of the 8 candidates referred to by NBC and failed.  NBC lists the SPLC as its source, but I couldn’t find the original press release or source data, so I went looking elsewhere.  The ‘sources’ don’t agree on just who is on that list, and, in not agreeing, I think calls attention to a disturbing, developing (but totally predictable) trend.  I’ll get to that.

First, we have this Vox article by Jane Coaston:

In 2018, an astonishing number of self-described white nationalists (including a former president of the American Nazi Party) ran for local, state, and national office in states from California to North Carolina — with the vast majority running as Republicans.


The good news? The most virulent white nationalists running in 2018 — from Holocaust deniers to one candidate who believes a New York children’s hospital was making kids sick on purpose — lost.

AN ASTONISHING NUMBER!  OMG!  How many?!?!?!?  I must know!  Oh, is it EIGHT?  That sounds like A LOT.  Out of HOW MANY?  I need to know!  We must defend ourselves from this onslaught of surging racism!

Well, I’ve already thrashed the idea that 8 is a ‘record,’ but this time I thought I would put that 8 in perspective of the total number of candidates that ran “for local, state and national office[s].”  Using this Wiki article, I came up with a ‘back of the envelope estimate of about 20,000 separate candidates.   I reasoned that each race had at least 2 candidates and only a trivial amount were uncontested.

Now, add the number of senate, house, governors, state legislative offices (that is 7,383 right there), and mayoral offices (I could not find good data on this, but apparently there are almost 20,000 mayoral offices in the US; I decided to take what I think is a hyper-conservative figure that actually had elections–2,500).  Multiply the number of races (about 10,000) by 2 and you get 20,000 separate candidates.

Now, what was that ‘astonishing number’ again?  Oh yea.  It was 8.

And just what percentage is 8 out of 20,000?  Answer: .0004%

.0004% of the candidates were ‘white nationalists.’  AN ASTONISHING NUMBER!  It’s a WAVE, I tell you!  Is it no wonder that their message “DOMINATED” the 2018 elections?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Lord save us all!

Ah, right. I almost forgot.  There is good news:

“The most virulent white nationalists running in 2018 — from Holocaust deniers to one candidate who believes a New York children’s hospital was making kids sick on purpose — lost.”

But HOW MANY LOST?  I mean, if 8 is an ‘astonishing’ number, then even 1 of them winning… 1 out of 20,000 candidates… the COUNTRY IS LOST!

Thank goodness, the totally objective, completely unbiased, the utterly ideologically-blind mere purveyor of fact, Jane Coaston, proceeds to tell us.

Arthur Jones, Illinois’s Third Congressional District

Did he win? Nope.  He lost.

Russell Walker, North Carolina state House District 48

Did he win?

Uh, no.

John Fitzgerald, California’s 11th Congressional District


Ah, no.

Steve West, Missouri state House District 15


Ah, right.  He lost, too.

4 down, 4 to go.  Hmmmm… where are the other 4?  Suddenly, we have a mystery…

I recalled that the 100% straight shooter, Tessa Stuart had titled her article, “The Hateful 8: Meet the Biggest Bigots On the Ballot in 2018” so I thought maybe she had the inside scoop from the SPLC.   But I was disappointed.   While there was significant overlap in the two lists, Coaston has a different section for some of them… called “Ties to White Nationalists.”  This much weaker designation, like Stuart’s, includes fairly mainstream Republicans, such as Steve King.

Now, I don’t know about you, but if having read this hysterical drivel that suggests that a mere 8 candidates amounts as an ‘astonishing [record] number’ that ‘dominated’ the 2018 elections, you will doubt very much whether or not what these people count as a ‘tie’ is actually significant.

I mean, look at this–literal shit–by the UK’s Guardian back in early November:  “Prominent white nationalist tweets picture of his White House visit. ” The subtitle is, “On the same day, Trump was asked about his use of the word ‘nationalism’ during rallies and attacked the question as ‘racist’”

Now, THAT was a perfect case of a ‘drive by shooting.’

The clear implication of the title, and the subtitle–which everyone knows is about all most moderns will ever actually read–is that Trump actually MET with this ‘prominent white nationalist.’  The clear impression that will be left with the reader is that Trump is actually meeting, openly, with white nationalists who then gleefully post pictures of their visit to their Twitter feed.

But then if you actually read the article (I know, right?  READING AN ARTICLE?!?!?!  What is this, 1950?!?!?), you find out that the ‘prominent white nationalist’ simply took a standard tour of the White House grounds that was open to the public. 25,000 other people took the same tour!

Bracketing the reporting of this VERY IMPORTANT story of some racist buying  a ticket to a public tour, was the subtitle… which referenced Trump’s comment about ‘nationalism’, and the concluding paragraph (which I’m probably one of the few to have actually read), which said:

The president was asked by PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor on Wednesday whether his use of the word “nationalism” at rallies before Tuesday’s midterm election was a dog whistle for “white nationalism”. Trump attacked the question, calling it racist and accused the journalist of insulting him.

So, I ask you, what does the one have to do with the other?  Not a damn thing, that’s what.  That some dude took a public tour has nothing to do with the question Trump gave to a reporter about an entirely different subject.  Nonetheless, the damage is done.

Now, if you go through the description of these other ‘white nationalists’ on these other pages, you will find that the alleged ‘ties’ with white nationalists are just as stupid (or wicked) as Kirchgaessner’s insinuation that Trump met with a white nationalist in the White House the day after the US election.

Before we spend some more time on the folks with alleged ‘ties’ lets see if we can find out the fates of the other 4.  (If I could find the SPLC ‘data’ this would have been easier.)

Well, we remember Brendan Gallagher had asked, “Who are the white nationalists running for office in 2018” so let’s look at his list.

We have:

1) Arthur Jones, primary winner, Illinois 3rd District  — Lost. (He was listed above)

2) Corey Stewart, [Listed by Vox as ‘having ties’] primary winner, Virginia Senate — Lost.

3) Paul Nehlen, primary candidate, Wisconsin 1st District — Lost.

Mind you, Nehlen lost in the primaries.  He didn’t even make it to the 2018 midterm election.

4) James Allsup, elected, Washington Precinct Committee Officer  — Won

Ok, Allsup won… as a PRECINCT COMMITTEE OFFICER.  I don’t want to diminish the important duties of a PRECINCT COMMITTEE OFFICER who ran unopposed because OBVIOUSLY this guy is now THAT MUCH CLOSER to the reins of power!  I mean, what’s next?  He might actually run for an ACTUAL municipal, state, or Federal election, and LOSE THAT too?  *shudder*

My 20,000 figure left out the elections for positions within the political parties themselves (eg, ‘precinct committee officers’).  If I included them the way he’s including them, the percentage of candidates would drop even lower than the minuscule .0004%.  Moving on.

5) Steve Smith, elected, Pennsylvania County Committee Officer  — Won

Smith also won… that is, he was elected to a COMMITTEE.  Like Allsup, it isn’t even an election to a government position.  But you can’t help taking note of the massive percentage that voted for him… a whopping 94%.  Oh dear, we’re in trouble now!  And if I was a reporter for the WAPO or NYT, I would have left it just like that: “The Racist Smith won 95% of the Vote.”  But since I’m actually honest, let me give you the actual numbers, according to Gallagher: 69 of the 73 votes cast.  OMG.

6) Michael Earnhart, primary candidate, Rhode Island State House, Democrat

That’s right.  DEMOCRAT.

Stop the press!  New headlines!  Extra, extra, read all about it!

“White Nationalists Dominate Democrat Field of Candidates!”

In 2018, an astonishing number of self-described white nationalists (including a former president of the American Nazi Party) ran for local, state, and national office in states from California to North Carolina — with a small but not insignificant number running as Democrats.

Though each individual white nationalist on the ballot or in office can be explained away as a long shot to win or as holding an inconsequential office, the number of white supremacists on ballots across the country is staggering.

It’s important to identify these candidates, not only so people know who’s on their ballot, but because ? as we’ve seen ? someone who’s thought of as fringe one year can be in the White House the next.

“When we dismiss them as just fringe groups, we don’t allow for the fact that these people are trying to become part of our political process,” reporter Morgan Radford said.

Hey, if these people can say these things with only 8 out of 20,000 candidates somehow representing something important, it surely is earth-shattering if 1 is a Democrat.  (The four paragraphs in my ‘article’ are all copied and pasted from MSM articles re: the number of ‘white nationalists’ running for office, adapting the opening paragraph to say ‘Democrat’ rather than ‘Republican. What’s good for the goose…)

Oh well, does anyone know how Earnhart actually did?  Oh yea, he lost too.  BUT.  Yes, it was only the primary, and yes, he lost, but he DID get 45% of the vote in that primary!!!!!!! Ergo, the Democrats are racists.  Look at me, I’m reporting to the same quality standards of the NYT!

So far, the ‘white nationalists’ don’t seem to be faring all that well.  So far, about half as many failed to get out of the primaries as managed to get to the ballot… where they promptly lost.  The 2 ‘winners’ won election to non-governmental party committees.  Surely this can’t be all?  With some 50,000,000 people voting for Trump, we must be SURROUNDED by racists!  We shouldn’t be able to throw a rock without hitting one!  Let’s go find us some more racists!  If we look hard enough, we can make sure we find them!

Christopher Mathias’ article seems a bit outdated, coming from last February, but his headline in the HuffPo provides hope that we may finally be able to scare up all 8 ‘white nationalists:’ All The White Supremacists Running For Office In 2018.

Sounds comprehensive, right?

Let’s see.  We have David Duke… who as far as I know didn’t run.  (And see my article discussing how well he fared when he DID run.  Hint: not well).    Arthur Jones, check.  Paul Nehlen,  check. Ah, here is a new one:  Sean Donahue.

How did Sean Donahue do?

He didn’t even MAKE it to the primary in order to lose in it.

Moving on.


It’s TWO!  TWO white nationalists who ran as Democrats!  STOP THE PRESSES!

In 2018, an astonishing number of self-described white nationalists (including a former president of the American Nazi Party) ran for local, state, and national office in states from California to North Carolina — with a STAGGERING number running as Democrats.

Surely the Democrat party is once again the party of the KKK!  Well, just to be thorough, let’s see how he did.  Evidently, he switched back to the Republican party after Mathias’ article (he must have gotten the memo) where he got a whopping  10% of the Republican primary vote.  Hey, come on man.  10% is 10%.  That’s about 100 whole people.  Yea, there are 350,000,000 Americans, but never forget what Matthias said, “someone who’s thought of as fringe one year can be in the White House the next.”  Way to go Abarr! You are on your way to the big league now!  10% of a primary vote today, the White House tomorrow with 46% of the vote!  He’s only 36% away from being the next president!  As a Republican! Or maybe a Democrat! Which way will Abarr go?  Only time will tell.

I’ve spent a couple of hours this morning trying to figure out just who the 8 hate-mongers are.  The best I can get to is around 6, but if you eliminate the non-governmentals and/or those who lost in the primaries and/or those who didn’t even MAKE it to the primaries, even 6 seems a stretch.

Perhaps one of them is Seth Grossman, New Jersey’s Second Congressional District, listed elsewhere as ‘having ties.’  Ok, how did he do?  Right.  He lost.

Maybe Lou Barletta, who Matthias ‘linked’ to white nationalists (why?  Because Barletta talked to a white nationalist). Ok, but how did he do?  Right.  He lost.

Dana Rohrabacher? Lost.

What about Matt Gaetz?  We know he is a white supremacist because by golly he appeared one time on InfoWars.  Right?  just ‘connections.’  It counts!  Gaetz was a winner!  White Nationalism is upon us!  We have finally found ONE example.  And here is what is worse!  Gaetz actually gave the ‘right wing troll’ Chuck Johnson a ticket to the State of the Union!  Matthias reports it thusly:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) invited Chuck Johnson, a notorious far-right troll who has said he identifies with the alt-right, to the State of the Union in January.

INVITED HIM!  But let’s read his source link!  It says:  “Gaetz told The Daily Beast Johnson showed up at his office the day of the speech asking for a ticket.”

Does this mean, perhaps, that anyone else who may have shown up THE DAY OF THE SPEECH and ASKED might have been given a ticket?  It can’t be that!  Take a nod from the Guardian–Chuck Johnson shows up at the capital randomly, just like the ‘prominent white nationalist’ taking a public tour–and its cinched: Gaetz is a white nationalist.  Ok, maybe that’s too far.  He’s connected to… he’s linked to… wink-wink-nudge-nudge-slyly insinuated TO BE… a white nationalist.  Look at me, I’m doing objective journalism again!

So, pretty much every avowed white nationalist lost, leaving only the ‘linked’ or ‘connected’ ones.  And here is where I think we see our truly disturbing trend on the left beginning to materialize.  Because they couldn’t find any actual white nationalists victories to speak of, and the Klansman Democrat Robert Bird was dead (a non sequitur; I just wanted to remind everyone how liberals happily embrace avowed racists as it suits them, just like Clinton can rape as many women as he wants and Democrats look the other way), we see that the lists are expanded to include relatively mainstream Republicans.  The lists actually include:

Steve Scalise.  Who, like every Democrat politician who have been subjected to vicious violence by fascist white wingers was actually, literally, SHOT.  Oh.  Right.  Shot by a progressive.  Well he deserved it, the dirty white nationalist!

Or, Ron DeSantis.  Or Steve King.

So, basically, pretty ordinary people who probably don’t have a racist bone in their body, but because liberals see a racist behind every tree, are considered to be racists on the flimsiest grounds.  Which begs the question… if its only the liberals who see racists everywhere… maybe THEY are the racists.  Only dogs hear dog whistles, after all.

But why should I not be consistent with the rest of this post?  We’ll give the Dems that Scalise, DeSantis, King, and maybe about 5 others they think are ‘linked’ as closet KKK members.  That puts us up to about 15, maybe 20, candidates, out of 20,000.  And we know there isn’t that much more, because all of these lists include all of the same small number of names.

After a solid year of race-baiting and hyperventilating about ‘all of the white nationalists’–all of the alleged 8 of them–’emboldened’ to run for office, not a single one of the unabashed white nationalists won a municipal, state, or Federal office.  Not a single one.   Democrats have been stroking their massive superiority complex after the last election, submitting that they rose above ‘racism.’  There is not a chance in hell that this is true.  The more accurate picture is that they INVENTED racism (at least, insofar as it exists on the ‘right) where it did not exist, exaggerating outliers even among outliers, to paint a particular picture, knowing their NPC following would dutifully get the message and relay it incessantly, the truth be damned.

The truth is that the white nationalists lost big time for the simple reason that the Republicans actually aren’t racists.

However, none of us dare hope that the ‘left’ might now change their tune or their tactics.  Indeed, I couldn’t help but belly-laugh when I heard Pelosi accuse HER FELLOW DEMOCRATS as being misogynists for opposing her; she’ll probably win, as its a winning tactic.  Why would they stop doing something that works so well?

But do I hope… dare I dream? a man can wish… that the American people will wake up in greater numbers to the rank dishonesty visible nearly every day in the MSM and the Democrat party more generally?

They are easily refuted.  All it takes is a little investigation.  A hint of curiosity.  A smidgen of proportionality. An ounce of energy. A slight amount of integrity. Even the weenciest-amount of honesty.

It is probably too much to ask. I, for one, doubt very much it will ever happen. He who has ears, let him hear, and prepare accordingly.


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