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How to steal an election, Alinsky-Style

It is hard to believe that I trust the government any less than I already did, but the latest ‘big three’ are really doing a trick, and my perception is that I’m not the only one fuming.  Last week I made a case for making your default position on government statements and explanations “This is a lie.”  The reasoning was that they would only try to do such cover-ups if they already had good reason to think they worked.  In other words, as bad as Benghazi, the AP intrusion, and the IRS oppression scandals are, it’s the things we don’t know about, the things that did not trigger warning bells, that ought to really concern us.

My post was an appeal to liberals and Democrats, who ostensibly care about freedom and liberty, to have them observe that it is the erection of the many layers of agencies, committees, and bureaucracies–all there for our common good, we are told–that allows such things to happen.  No new oversight committee will do the trick.  A new supervising agency can be bought off just as the other ones were.  (This, incidentally, is a premise behind this short story I wrote).  The only solution that will work, given the reality of human nature, is a sweeping reduction of the government’s size and scope.

As this recent article illustrates, evidence is mounting that the IRS targeting of conservative groups was done in coordination and cooperation with Democrat politicians, and perhaps Obama himself.   Maybe it was only his blessing, but it is hard to believe assurances that none of this is true.  What do we expect them to say?

I was left scratching my head after the last election.  It seemed unfathomable to me that just two years earlier, ‘Tea Party’ principles overwhelmed the nation, spurred on by Obamacare and other government intrusions, and then retained the gains made, but did not topple Obama.   Obama received 4 million less votes, but Romney only picked up 1 million more than McCain had.*  Even taking into consideration the millions of anti-Obama voters that could not get past the bile in their throat in order to vote for Romney, this is difficult to believe.  Remember, Republicans held most of their other gains, and even in a ‘toss up’ state like Wisconsin, Scott Walker won a recall election and the GOP would retake the Senate, giving them back full control of all the branches of government in the state.  In Wisconsin.

If this is the case in Wisconsin, it is just hard to imagine how it could be otherwise, elsewhere.

I wasn’t the only one to wonder if the election had been stolen, but hard information was not easy to come by.  You can’t very well act without hard information, so the matter died.  But the IRS scandal illustrates that there are other ways to steal an election, and it doesn’t have to mean voting on behalf of dead guys or discovering previously unknown boxes of ballots.

You can flip a switch in the great bureaucratic machine and point it in a particular direction, and, under the cover of memos and through a blanket of soul-sucking required forms and questionnaires and delayed approvals, hamper your opposition from being able to act.

All this, with plausible deniability.

To what degree was this hampering effective?  We’ll never know, now, will we?  And you can bet this wasn’t the only strategy they employed.

Obama is a follower of the Saul Alinsky school, and if you have read Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals”, you will understand the problem.  Alinsky advocated for using any and all means to achieve your goals.  He explicitly said that the ends do justify the means.  He warned against setting policy until you get power, and urged that you should get power, by hook or by crook:  everything else takes care of itself after that.  Lie, cheat, steal… its all on the table ‘for the cause.’

When I discovered this in 2008, I realized that Obama and his ilk were not playing by the rules that most Americans embrace.  America believes in playing by the rules without special advantages.  America has long rejected the notion that the ‘ends justify the means.’

The people who now run the government do not share these values.  However bad Romney was as a candidate–and he was bad–it does not seem likely that he belongs in the ‘by hook or by crook’ camp.  I swallowed my bile, and voted for him.

But how many people were not allowed to hear the best case for why Obama and his administration is packed with lying, manipulative weasels, because the Obama administration stymied efforts to make that case?

The 2012 election was stolen, Alinsky-style.  Who knows what other tactics they used that we haven’t even discovered yet.  We may even ask:  what is it they did that is so much worse than the IRS thing that they don’t want us to know about?  After all, they were the ones who spilled the beans on the IRS scandal.  We’ll never know, and that is the problem:  we can never know if the truth is the truth, when it comes from the government’s lips.

The only solution is to strip the government down to its bare essentials.  Unless we do that, it will continue to be fertile territory for people to promote their agenda via bureaucratic machinations.  Our only recourse is to remove the habitat the weasels live, thrive, and reproduce in.  It cannot be redeemed.  If you put it into Republican hands, it will be vulnerable to the same kinds of things (eg, see:  Nixon).  If you don’t want this kind of thing from happening, you can’t trust them not to abuse their power, you have to see to it that they don’t have the power to abuse in the first place.

I appeal to my Republican/conservative friends:  once we do have the power, let us not fall into the trap of thinking we can ‘make it better.’  We’ve got to get rid of it.  Axe the Department of Education, the IRS, the EPA, and so on.  Starve the beast, and give him no where to lay his head; lest he turn and devour the one who sought to tame him.


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