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In Response to a Monstrous Yahweh: Paul Copan

I just came across this article from the AtheismisDead blog and I haven’t had a chance to read the whole thing but the first three pages of it seem to have a lot of potential.  Paul Copan is addressing the challenges of the ‘new atheists’ about the Christian God, in particular in the Old Testament, being a brutal monster whom we don’t want for a role model and we certainly don’t want little humans imitating.

Perhaps this article will make up for the fact that I never got around to dishing out the full thrashing of Dawkins’s Delusion.  It seems quite substantive with references and many of the points are ones that I would make, at least through about page 3.  Without further ado, here is the article.

I will be reading it in full and if I feel I need to amend this you know I will return to it.

I do have a post or two on this blog about some aspect of the same question, in particular an answer to someone emailing me about the justice of destroying the Canaanites.  I offer it to you if you like.


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