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It is what it is.

One day you receive a letter from an attorney indicating that you are being sued by a foe.  The news is traumatic.  A million thoughts course through your brain.  There a million things to do, but most of them can’t be done until you have more information.  In the meantime, you sit and stew in your new reality and you’re more or less helplessness to change it.

Except it isn’t a new reality.  The course of events leading up to your reception of the letter have been weeks, maybe months in the making.  In point of fact, your reality has been altered at this point for quite awhile.  The difference now is simply that you know of the new reality.  Is it better to have never known at all?  Or, now having known a little, is it better to swallow the bitter cup of knowledge whole?  In either case, you’ll be able to do nothing.  Is it better to have never known at all?

Here is the the unchanging question faced by Man.  It is the tug of conflict between emotions and the mind.   It is contact with the trancendentals, like Joy.  Reduced by material man to nothing more than chemical processes, one’s response to learning of a new reality cannot be changed- the processes occur inevitably, via the laws of nature.  But a man need not have his identity dictated by changes in circumstances.  After all, we are surrounded by ‘new realities’ all the time- things set in motion that we only at that moment become aware of.  What really changed other than your knowledge of it?  And if knowledge of it can by itself affect your being, surely it follows that one can balance that against other things you know- and so be the master of your mind.  To hold onto Joy as it is being snatched away.

That, is in principle, the truth of the matter… but perhaps the severity of the knowledge makes it difficult in practice.  Truly the most important battles occur within our own skulls, long before anyone glimpses the manifestations on our faces and in our actions.  The fact is, some things are the way they are, and there is nothing you can do about it except to take them the way they are.   “It is what it is” does not mean that ‘it’ changes you.  It could- but it doesn’t have to.  It could- if you let it.  It could- if you wanted it to.  It could- if you thought it would be good to be changed by it.  It could, could, could… it is what it is, but you are what you decide to be.


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