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Jeremiah Wright wasn’t Completely Wrong but Wrong to be a Democrat

The Reverend Jeremiah Wright has gone on the defensive, arguing that his comments were taken out of context and then right before our eyes justifying as righteous the very interpretations others have drawn.  Wright is off his rocker in asserting that the US Government is the one responsible for AIDS and that the US brought 9-11 on itself.  But his assertion that the Government is capable of terrible things is certainly true.

He mentions the Tuskegee Study, where people in the US were exposed to Syphillis and intentionally left untreated.  I would add the government sponsorship of Planned Parenthood beginning with its founder, Margaret Sanger is another example.  The Wiki article I just cited there says:  “Sanger was a progressive force ahead of her time. However, her racist ideology and advocacy for eugenics are positions which have not survived her.”  Nonsense.  Consider the recent ‘sting’ operation where callers to Planned Parenthood wanted to donate money, but only if the money went to abort black babies “because we have too many black people.”  Planned Parenthood accepted the money.  Of course they would.  Our government gives this organization millions of dollars.

These examples relate to the black community itself, but we could mention the interning of thousands of Japanese Americans during World War 2, or Watergate, or J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI.  These examples will serve for those on the Liberal Democrat side.  If Christians are right, then the extermination of some 40,000,000 unborn infants tops the list of calamities derived from government abuse.  I’m sure we could all come up with our own examples.

Here is the point:  the government is capable of such things but knowing that you should NOT BE A DEMOCRAT.  Literally the only hope for minimizing such abuses is to limit the size and scope of government.  The more powers you give to the government to help you, the more they have to hurt you.  When the government is as big and massive as our own it is easy enough to hide things if you want, at least for a little while.  So, it is ironic that the very community which has suffered at the hands of the government the most (excepting the millions of aborted children, of course.  We could guess their political affiliation now if they could speak from the grave) is also largely loyal to the Democrat party that will continue to make such abuses plausible and possible.

Here is the deal:  the Christian doctrine of original sin is not a mere doctrine.  It is a fact of reality.  Deny it at your peril.  Wright is correct when he argues that the government is capable of horror.  We’re left scratching our heads, then, as to why he’d be backing the party which perpetuates the conditions that allow those same horrors to continue.

A limited government with checks and balances is what we need.  If you’re a Christian and you wish to retort something to the effect that “We Christians should care about the poor, the down trodden, the orphans!” I reply you’re certainly right.  WE should care.  We shouldn’t be handing over to the government the duties that rightfully belong to the Christian community.   If you’re a Democrat Christian out of such commendable motivations then I urge you to go to your next church meeting and raise holy hell… not that people be more supportive of Big Government but that people get off their frickin butts and stop behaving as though the Church is a social club.

“What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church?  Are you not to judge those inside?  God will judge those outside.”  1 Corinthians 5:12-13

That is a message that Reverend Wright certainly needs to hear.


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  1. Hi Anthony,
    To be specific, the Tuskeegee Study did not expose people to Syphillis. They already had syphillis.

    The egregious nature of the study was that they purposely left the patients without any treatment, so they could watch the progression of the disease.

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