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John McCain Wins South Carolina, Lays Groundwork for Run As an Independent

With John McCain taking South Carolina I think the Presidential campaign is finally going to get interesting.    Most conservative minded people I know and talk to are not really happy with any of the choices being offered on the GOP side.    This includes a general dissatisfaction with John McCain as well.   In fact, most of the conservative people I interact with or read are actually deeply opposed to McCain.  They would vote for him against Clinton and Obama, no doubt, but they wouldn’t be happy about it.

The two victories for McCain here I think will be a wake-up call for those really aspiring to see conservative values in their GOP candidate.  The pundits are talking about Thompson bowing out, and who am I to know otherwise, but Thompson’s showing was not completely without merit.  Of all the candidates with clear conservative credentials, Thompson seems to be the one that really has potential.  It wouldn’t surprise me to hear the drums start pounding for Thompson.  Whatever happens, I will be shocked if McCain manages to actually become the GOP nominee.

But McCain knows now, if he didn’t know before, that he can pick up enough support from independents and moderates  that if he doesn’t become the nominee he stands a fair chance as an independent.  Given the political field right now, I submit that a McCain/Lieberman ticket, running as independents, would win the presidency in a landslide.


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