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Joy held hostage to Evil- on rejoicing in Bin Laden’s Death

I posted a blog entry at the Christian Post recently.

The reported death of Bin Laden generated crowds of people on the street wrapped in American flags and cheering.  A casual look at the reaction to this reaction revealed to me that many people shared my apprehension with such a response.  Different reasons for the apprehension have been produced:

  • The Scriptures tell us not to rejoice in the deaths of our enemies:  “I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but that the wicked turn from his way and live.” Ezekiel 33:11
  • We should be deeply sorrowful about any single person dying outside of a saving relationship with Christ.
  • As Christians, we should object to killing of any kind at any time.

I guess this sums it up.

Personally, my apprehension was not as laudable as any of these.  I am distrustful whenever I see people being carried away on emotion, and resist it in myself to the best of my ability.  If today we are whipped into a frenzy for something socially ‘safe’ to be frenzied about, we probably won’t put up as much of a fight if someone whips us into a frenzy for something we might regret later after we had time to think about it and get more information about.  Indeed, some of the ‘frenzy’ I saw resembled how I imagined Romans would have reacted when gladiators and lions tore into Christians centuries ago.

It was glee for the sake of glee and a cheer for a victory for our ‘team.’

But it wasn’t a game.

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