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Today’s Notes: Moral Equivalency on 9-11, Qualification: Did not have an Abortion, Pro-life Blogs

Yesterday I was approved to be on the pro-life blogsite, www.prolifeblogs.com.  Welcome to anyone arriving on my site from there.  I invite you to see what I am about and my somewhat unique approach to the abortion issue.

The South Carolina chairwoman of the Democrat party said yesterday that Sarah Palin’s “primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.”  This has apparently inspired a firestorm but this is an observation that was made in the conservative camp already from the reverse:  that in the liberal (feminist) mind, Sarah’s primary disqualification was that she hasn’t had an abortion.

Sarah Palin is proof that carrying your baby to term is not ‘punishment‘ and does not destroy your life and keep you from succeeding as a woman.  There is no question that young mothers have a difficult road ahead of them but the liberal message that it is ok to annihilate your offspring to make it easier is a bizarre moral statement entailing numerous wierd philosophical and ethical justifications.  Call the offspring a ‘fetus’ or a ‘zygote’ and you can do anything you want with it, nevermind the fact that these labels are almost completely arbitrary and the implication that they are not ‘human’ by virtue of these labels completely spurious.

This sort of moral and logical jujitsu made me think about the moral equivalency present in the reaction to the terrorist attacks on 9-11.  By now of course we’ve all heard the saying that ‘one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.’  By insisting that there is no moral foundation many become hesitant to impose their preferences on another.  This applies to the abortion debate as well as to terrorism.  A person of this mind might not want to condemn terrorists.  They might say as their subway is blown up or their building demolished, “Well, we probably had it coming.  Who am I to say?”

I don’t for a minute believe that my country is perfectly innocent.  I am the first to remind people of certain government abuses.  However, there can be no question that America has been, in the main, a force for the good, and this in large part because of the distinctly Christian outlook that Americans historically have possessed.

The ability to see this is completely clouded in the minds of some.  Sarah Palin has been described as the perfect example of the ‘American Taliban.’  (See just one example).  This is moral equivalency writ large, moral sense perfectly unhinged.

When was the last time we saw a Pentecostal walk into a coffee bar and blow it up?  When was the last time we saw a Pentecostal (she’s not one anymore, but still) video tape him or herself beheading someone?  When was the last time we saw a Christian of any stripe commandeer an airplane and fly it into a building?  These things do not happen, yet liberals perceive that Christian ‘fundamentalists’ are just like Muslim ‘fundamentalists.’

We aren’t talking about rational people.  In ultimate terms, there is no discussion possible with them.  There are only three ways to overcome:  1.  Convert them.  2.  Out-reproduce them.  3.  Out-vote them.

The Jihadist would have added “4.  Slay them” but the fact that I didn’t won’t be noticed on the left, which is precisely my point.


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