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New Apologetics App from Athanatos Ministries/Sntjohnny

ACM APP 512x512 New Apologetics App from Athanatos Ministries/SntjohnnyAthanatos Christian Ministries is the formal name of the ministry behind Sntjohnny.com.  We’ve got a big announcement.  With the help of the app innovators at Page Foundry, you can now get apologetics related content delivered to your Droid device, all in one place.

Get real time updates from apologetics blogs, twitter feeds, and Facebook pages from apologists such as Brian Auten at Apologetics315, Greg West at The Poached Egg, Roger and MaryJo Sharp of Confident Christianity, Ravi Zacharias, the folks at Stand to Reason, the Discovery Institute, the Christian Apologetics Alliance, and of course Athanatos Ministries.

For those who love ebooks, not only can you find Athanatos Ministry’s available Ebook catalog, but the catalogs of every major publisher of Christian apologetics works, as well.

There is no cost.  The app is free.   Just browse your way to Google Play, searching for the term ‘Athanatos‘ or clicking here.

Learn more, here:  The Christian Apologetics App.

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