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New Pro-Life Book Aims to Persuade Parents of Disabled to Reject Abortion

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One father’s daring attempt to persuade you to keep your unborn child, even if it is diagnosed with a birth defect.

  • Web page: www.wechoselife.com
  • Author: Anthony Horvath
  • Pages: 84
  • Publisher: Athanatos Publishing Group
  • ISBN: 978-0-9822776-1-4

About two years ago my wife and I were informed at the twenty week ultrasound that our daughter very likely had a birth defect and it was very likely spina bifida.  This was devastating.  Another ultrasound was scheduled for that afternoon to get confirmation and in the hour or so we had at home trying to frantically organize our logistics (childcare, workplace, etc) we researched spina bifida.  There was a range of possibilities, some of them very serious.  Also, we knew of a spina bifida child who was the ‘worst case’ scenario, so we had our object lesson in hand.

An hour later we were at the hospital and the doctor was asking us if we wanted to abort our child.

Now, my wife and I are well educated as things go.  But that doesn’t mean we knew even half of what needed to be known about spina bifida in order to make an informed decision about aborting the child.  I can only imagine, remembering how grief stricken we were, how others might rush into the decision.  Though we weren’t well educated regarding spina bifida, we were, nonetheless, well grounded.  That is, we knew what we believed and why we believed it and the logical application of our believes was evident to us in this new, unpredicted circumstance.

We chose life.

Our daughter is almost two years old now and I can testify that the joy she brings completely overwhelms the troubles associated with her condition.  (Like Heaven triumphs over Hell, ala Lewis’s The Great Divorce) And really, how different is this from any other non-disabled child?  All children bring troubles- but we have them anyway.  A disabled child might have more troubles- or they might not, rather, the troubles are of a different sort.  But the joys outweigh the troubles out of proportion.  More troubles equals more joys.  See the parable of the Prodigal Son.

With this experience in mind and wishing that I could do something to persuade others to make the same choice that my wife and I did, I have written a book, and it is now available for purchase.

We Chose Life:  Why You Should Too is 84 pages short and geared towards parents who have suddenly found themselves in a similar situation.

However, anyone considering abortion will find my book directed at them.  Pro-lifers will find various uses for the book.  First, it will strengthen and enhance their own views.  Second, it can be used as a tool, something to put in the hands of those they know are facing such issues (ie, life after the birth of a disabled child), and Third, a teaching tool to help promote a pro-life view among our youth and in Christian congregations.

The web page is www.wechoselife.com

The book is available through the web page, direct from me, through Amazon.com.

I am open to talking to anyone recently informed that their child has a disability such as Down Syndrome, spina Bifida, Cystic Fibrosis, etc.  If you are that person, contact me.  If you know someone, put us in touch.


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