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One Issue Voting: Is Abortion a Holocaust?

Last week a Democrat lady said that Sarah Palin’s chief credential seemed to be that she had not had an abortion.  She later tried to apologize (I have no idea why) saying the comment arose in the context of a discussion about ‘one issue’ voters.  I have occasionally met people who have ‘one issue’ which isn’t abortion but it seems rare to me.  ‘One issue voters’ seems to be a reference to those in the abortion debate.

One thing that I’ve noticed is that pro-choice people are as likely to be ‘one issue’ voters as pro-lifers with the difference being that the pro-choicers happen to agree with so many other aspects of liberalism that they really think they have more than one issue in play.  Anyway, pro-lifers I think get a bad rap here because this is no ordinary one issue.

If you believe that the unborn ‘thing’ is not a ‘thing’ at all but a person entitled to the rights and privileges that we accord other persons, then it obviously follows that legalized abortion on demand will be something that apalls you.  According to this belief, some 40,000,000 people, in the US alone, have died since Roe vs. Wade.

Let us set aside for a moment the dispute about when the unborn becomes worthy of personhood status.

Let me ask a simple question:  if the candidate was right on 99 out of a 100 issues but the one he was wrong on was that he wanted to finish the job that Hitler left unfinished and exterminate all the rest of the Jews, would you be able to overlook that?

I want to meet the person who would vote for a candidate who was right on everything else but wanted to slaughter millions of Jews.  I doubt such a person exists, but if he does, I want to meet him, if only so I can know where he is at all times.

Now, ‘only’ six million Jews were killed by Hitler and another couple of million of handicapped, etc.  Compared to that, what has been done in the ‘land of the free and home of the brave’ blows it out of the water.  IF you believe that the unborn are persons then it makes complete and utter sense that this is ‘one issue’ which demands your 100% attention.  You may even be willing to vote for a person who is only right 50 out of a 100 times, if they at least get this one honkingly huge issue right.

The reason why pro-choice people believe ‘one issue’ voting is absurd is because they of course don’t believe that the unborn represents real people.  When they try to persuade us ‘one issue’ people the underlying presumption is that they are correct in their unbelief.  It is one more example of talking at cross purposes.

The really sad part of this is that in the face of the prospect that millions and millions of real persons have died and are dying, the pro-choicers cannot give us an alternative view that can say with any kind of objectivity exactly when the ‘thing’ becomes a person.  Imagine cornering your neighborhood Nazi during World War 2 and asking him to differentiate between the ‘personhood’ status of Germans and the ‘personhood’ status of Jews.  You’re just supposed to ‘get it.’

As far as I’m concerned, so long as there is any reasonable possibility that the unborn are persons, prudence and good moral sense demands that we protect them.  Though I doubt it will ever come, if there were ever a day when we were quite certain about the point when the unborn ‘magically’ becomes a person apart from conception, I might be willing to change my tune.  With a large element of pro-choicers out there willing to support measures such as ‘partial birth abortion‘ right up to the last stage of pregnancy, I strongly believe that moment will ever come, in large part because people who are willing to do things like that, I believe, do not really care to define such a moment.  It isn’t even on their radar.

For these reasons and more, I am a proud one issue voter.  I am under no illusions about the other things I have to tolerate that I don’t like nor am I unaware that political candidates may decide to take advantage of this, opposing abortion with their lips but never acting.   That is still better than voting for someone who with both lips and action perpetuate the American Holocaust.

By the way, Barack Obama opposed the ban on partial birth abortion.


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