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Online Apologetics Academy Enrolling

The Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy is enrolling now.  It is almost too late to enroll in the “Introduction to basic Biblical Greek” course but it can be downloaded as an e-book in expanded fashion from here.  (Good for home schoolers, self-study, small groups, Bible study groups, etc)

Beginning on Nov. 3 is the course on “The Reliability of the New Testament Documents.”  This course is useful for those who want to understand why we believe the books we have in the New Testament are what was really written.

Beginning on Nov. 17 is the follow up course, “The Formation of the New Testament Canon.”  This course goes the additional step of describing how the books in the New Testament came to be included and how others were excluded.  No conspiracy theorist or skeptical nonsense here.  Get the facts in this course.

Also beginning on Nov. 17 is the course “Studies in Atheism.”  This survey of atheistic thought starts in Greek philosophy and charts its way through Hume, Bertrand Russell, Antony Flew, Ayn Rand, etc, before culminating in an examination of the so-called ‘New Atheists’ such as Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and Dan Dennett.  This course is excellent for those wishing to understand the atheistic/secular/humanistic threat to Christianity and the Christian worldview.

Direct inquiries to admissions@academyofapologetics.com.

Enroll in the Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy Today!


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