The Daily Kos or something… A Gay? Dumbledore and the Street Prophet

I was cruising the net today and found that I had been described as a loon on this site here: The domain is but the image says it is a Daily Kos community. If someone wants to explain to me the relationship I’d be open to it but I’m not going to go […]


Don’t let Corporations Control the Christian Story

The Pullman “His Dark Materials” series and the Harry Potter series has raised concerns for Christians. However, a distinction needs to be made. HDM is clearly evangelical in nature while Harry Potter just as clearly does not have such an agenda, notwithstanding Rowling’s attempt to insert one after the fact. Still, everyone understands that Story […]


The Golden Compass and Genesis 3

This is probably my last post on the “His Dark Materials” series and to tell you the truth I’m about ready to be done.  There are innumerable issues raised by the HDM series and quite a bit that I wanted to respond to.  This blog contains many of those responses and there probably could be […]

Share Readers

I was pretty thrilled to learn that a review of my book was going to be published on Worldnet as I bet any one can understand.  Here is the article for those starting on my site and not coming from WND: Also, many thanks to Don Hank who took an interest in my book […]


Comments Are Now Enabled for Non-Registered Folks

I am receiving hundreds of visitors a day but not as many are leaving comments.  Could it be that I am not saying anything interesting?  BAH, I don’t believe that!  But it could be because I required people to be registered before they could comment.  Previously, I received all sorts of comment spam which is […]


Thoughts on Death and God in the Morning

This morning my wife woke me and I was having a terrible dream.  In the dream, I lost most of my family… wife, children, siblings… Now, usually I am able to ‘control’ my dreams or otherwise inform myself in the dream that it is in fact only a dream.  It was odd that this dream […]


The Case of Pullman and the Missing Incarnation

Everyone loves a good mystery. As I was reading Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass for my review I kept waiting to hear some dramatic attack on the person of Christ and the doctrine of the incarnation. In fact, the series rarely mentions Jesus at all, and certainly never substantively. Several hypotheses occur to me: Perhaps […]

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