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Pick your poison: Saudi Arabia or Iran

In yesterday’s post, I drew attention to the fact that we have a country with legit ‘concentration camps’ holding a million-plus individuals in them, with hardly a peep from the world.  Last night, I happened to be cruising Youtube and saw that President Trump and VP Pence, at a UN thing on religious freedom, actually mentioned China’s camps.  This pleased me.   There was one thing that did not please me, though, and that was that there was no mention of Saudi Arabia.

I do not mean their conduct in Yemen.  I mean their brutal suppression of non-Muslims.  In fact, … continue reading...


Concentration Camps in China?

It has always astonished me how so many people want to argue about trivialities and silly controversies when there are topics of grave concern which–theoretically, at least–would represent something we could all agree on.   Why go out on a limb when you can just reach for the low hanging fruit?  Ostensibly, at least, the erection and maintenance of legit concentration camps should be such low hanging fruit.

Apparently that is not the case.  I only know about the ‘concentration’ camps in China because I endeavor to be actually informed about matters of importance, which means going out of my way … continue reading...


The “Baghdad Bob” Fallacy

This post is one in a series I had hoped to have done years ago, a reality I reflect on in a previous installment on what I call the Scaffolding Fallacy.  The basic idea is that there exist breakdowns in rational thinking that are not strictly logical.  They might be tactical (ie, designed simply to win an argument, insult, or berate), exercises in self-deception, or reflective of an overall mindset or attitude.  In other words, they are not ‘formal’ logical fallacies, and so it is perhaps not a surprise that they don’t appear in the logic books (as far as … continue reading...


Gun Control Advocates and the Racists; Pardon the Redundancy

We’re going through another one of those ‘national outrages’ wherein a bunch of sanctimonious, ignorant snobs attempt to portray their position– “common sense gun control measures” as the self-evident and obvious position.  So self-evident and obvious that you must be, you guessed it, a racist (or bigot, etc, fill in your favorite slur as you wish), if you disagree.

Another interesting twist to the pair of shootings was that one of them fit the narrative so well that gun control advocates couldn’t even walk down the street without devolving into fits of ecstasy.   This would be the Christ-Church wannabe, … continue reading...


Should Facebook and Other Social Media be Broke Up? On monopolies…

I have been doing a lot of thinking about social media over the years.  For a variety of reasons, I have concluded that social media is bad for society and bad for people.  This post is not about that, although that is a very important thing to write about, too.  Instead, I’d like to contemplate the issue of monopolies as they relate to social media.

My pro-free enterprise beliefs prevent me from ever looking kindly on government intrusion on businesses.  On the other hand, my beliefs also include a core republican (small ‘r’) element to them, too.  In other words, … continue reading...


The Coming Civil War: Conclusion

This brief series answering questions put to me about the prospects of a new American civil war has focused on the things that most substantially prevent one from starting (in the near future, anyway) and the things that most substantially are contributing to creating conditions for one.  In trying to wrap the series up, my mind has wrestled with many other important contributing factors one way or the other.  If I wrote about all of them, I’d never stop writing.  Moreover, I wanted my focus to be on the primary aspects, not the symptoms.  But, it they are all so … continue reading...


The Coming Civil War: Part 5, How it Begins?

To sum up the series to date: in my estimation, a ‘shooting’ civil war is not likely in the near term, notwithstanding the deteriorating conditions. Structurally, America has several important ‘checks’ on such a development which are not going to disappear any time soon.  However, that does not at all mean that our sense that the conditions have deteriorated is misplaced.  Moreover, we must bear in mind how such things tend to unfold in actual reality.  Even when things are percolating but seem under control, an event can take place which can change everything.  I call such events ‘catalysts.’

Take … continue reading...


On the Coming Civil War, Part4b, Illustrations of the end of the Rule of Law

In my previous installment in this series I laid out what I said was one of the more significant reasons why the United States is heading towards a Civil War: the end of the ‘rule of law.’

I stayed away from concrete examples so I didn’t distract from the underlying principles, but it is necessary that we do talk about some specifics.    In doing so, we will discover that the ones tearing away at the foundations of the ‘bargain’ are almost always liberal progressive secular humanist statist types.  Most of the time they don’t perceive the impact of their actions, … continue reading...


On the Coming Civil War, Part 4, The End of the Rule of Law

In my initial post on this series, I offered my belief that we are actually far from a ‘shooting’ civil war in America, and gave some reasons why.  In my later posts, I have been laying out some of the things that are nonetheless adding fuel to that fire.  In this post, I will cover something adding ‘fuel to the fire’ which, in ultimate terms, is probably the most critical of all.  However, it is so basic, so fundamental, so foundational, that it is felt as much as reasoned through.  To turn down the heat substantially, it must be reasoned … continue reading...


Compulsory Vaccination – Compulsory Sterlization, Public Health Tyranny

“The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes. Three generations of imbeciles are enough.”

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in the 1927 decision, Buck vs. Bell

Indeed, it has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe to endanger the society.

John Holdren, science ‘czar’ to Barack Obama.

If you are going to respond to this post, actually read it first.  People replying to this post without exhibiting awareness of the continue reading...


The Coming Civil War: the Erosion of the Foundations

In my previous two installments on this subject, I argued that I don’t believe a ‘hot’ civil war is imminent–a ‘cold’ one is in progress.  This was not necessarily cause for rejoicing, as my contention is that what is keeping us from a ‘hot’ war are some formidable ‘speed bumps.’  In the first place, the US military is likely to remain subjected to civilian authorities and stay out of political disputes.  Also, at least for another decade or so, it seems unlikely the military will be composed folks who would fire upon their fellow citizens.  In the second place, the … continue reading...


Behold, the GND: Green New Dummies — The World War II Analogy

There is much running commentary on the insanity  displayed by the rising Democrat star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but I want to jump in on an example that illustrates nicely what I have said on this blog about liberals increasingly distancing themselves from reality itself, meanwhile adopting viewpoints which, if taken to their logical conclusion, would require in their implementation in the real world, the brutal and bloody crushing of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Americans.

I came across it again more recently in this article in the New Republic which gushes admirably about a Climate Change activist (working for … continue reading...


On the Coming Civil War: Part 2, Rural vs. City

This is a continuation on my analysis of the probabilities of an American ‘civil war‘ developing within the next 5-10 years.  In the last post, I pegged it at a pretty low number.  People who know me might have thought I believed it would be higher.  A lot has to do with what we mean by ‘civil war.’  If we’re thinking of something like the first American civil war or something like the present Syrian conflict, the odds are very low.  If you ask me what my estimate of probabilities of a ‘black swan‘ event … continue reading...


On the Coming Civil War: Part 1, America’s Military

Perhaps one of the best signs that another American Civil War is on the way is all of the comments and articles contemplating that possibility, submitted by both the ‘left’ and the ‘right.’  (Terms I use loosely.)  People sense that an impasse has been reached or is visible on the horizon which they believe cannot be resolved except through violence.

I have had concerns of my own for almost two decades now.   In the early years, I was scoffed at.  Not so much, anymore.  More and more people in my sphere have expressed concern, and more than one person who … continue reading...