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The Unforgiveable Sins of Obama and the MSM: Syria, Iran, and 60,000 (Disproportionately Black) Americans

Have you heard the news?  Of course you have.  How couldn’t you?  It’s been on every news channel without break.  Every newspaper has it on the front page, above the fold.  Teams of investigative reporters have been dispatched.  The Twit-osphere is on fire!  Even Republicans are talking impeachment.  The latest poll shows the American public overwhelmingly supporting impeachment; Democrats at 80%, but Republicans not very far behind at 65%.  That latter number is expected to climb as the investigation unfolds.

Yes, that’s right.  Donald Trump, in his bid to forge a legacy that could not be undermined by history, has … continue reading...


Yes! Someone who gets it! The Office of the Presidency has too much Power!

I’ve been saying it for years! This article in USA Today pretty well nailed it:  The office of the presidency is waaaaaaay too powerful… and this is in defiance of the Constitution.

I’ll let the article speak for itself.  I will repeat some of the things I’ve been saying…

A system where the fate of the country rises and falls based on the actions of a single person… is a stupid, stupid system.  Ever since I’ve been paying attention, presidents have been getting credit, or the blame, for job creation, stock market fluctuations, housing booms, etc.  What genius thought it … continue reading...


Why Republicans Lost in 2018

We ought to keep it in perspective.  True, the House flipped to the Dems, but in many of the lost seats, the incumbent Republican decided to retire.  There were about 40 such retirements.  The idea that the Dems have some kind of mandate is silly in light of the fact that the GOP not only held the Senate, but picked up seats.   The Dems know this, even if their media allies (pardon the redundancy) and much of their base is blissfully unaware.  Similarly, in Wisconsin, where I reside, the GOP clobbered the Dems in both the House and the Senate.  … continue reading...


The IRS and the (continued) White Washing of Obama Years

I didn’t want to write another blog entry for awhile but I came across this article and thought I had something definite to say about it, and it wouldn’t take long to say it.  Then I finished the article and realized there was much more to be said.  But that didn’t mean my interest in saying it increased.  I have better things to do… and yet I can’t resist at least touching on them.

I have frequently advised that one of the ways you can tell if someone is off their rocker is if they cannot keep things in proportion.  … continue reading...


How did the “Astonishing number of White Nationalists” do in the 2018 Midterms? A recap

Back in June, NBC breathlessly regurgitated ‘data from the Southern Poverty Law Center’ asserting that a ‘record number’ of ‘white nationalists’ were running for office, ’emboldened’ by Donald Trump.  The NPCs everywhere then reported it dutifully–as they have been conditioned to do so—as self-evidently significant and undeniably revealing important information about Republicans, and, well, literally everybody who is not a liberal Democrat progressive.

I have been monitoring such nonsense for quite awhile.  For example, I showed in this post how the SPLC’s own ‘data’ shows that there wasn’t a ‘record number’ running at all; the SPLC itself had … continue reading...


Jim VandeHei’s Four Fake Ways to ‘fix’ fake news

I don’t know Jim VandeHei, and despite being a heavy consumer of news and information, don’t frequent Axios news, unless it is referred to me.  In fact, that’s how I saw his article on ‘4 ways to fix fake news‘; I saw it on the Drudge.  I don’t have an ax to grind about Axios.  I’m indifferent.  But, if his article achieved anything, it is to persuade me that I should take a position re: Axios:  against it.

He lists 4 ‘provocative’ ideas.  I’m going to take serious issue one of them in particular, and then circle back … continue reading...


Accusation as Political Weapon

So, here we go again.

The Democrats have once again turned to alleging that something occurred in the distant past, with no way to come close to what could count as a proof or disproof that the incident occurred.  I have already detailed my principled objections to this as it related to Roy Moore so the reader can look at that for more background.

What’s setting me off as I am writing this is the overwhelming hypocrisy and even rank stupidity surrounding this approach, by people who have built their entire political machine around the ‘victim.’  Meanwhile, they have no … continue reading...


South Dakota vs. Wayfair: Taxation without Representation

One of the complaints that fueled the American revolution was that the colonialists were enduring ‘taxation without representation.’  The British king was levying taxes on people who were subject to the king, but did not have the same rights to advocate for themselves that others who were subject to the king had.

Let us propose a scenario:  I, an author and a publisher, sell a digital download to someone living in, say, France.  Should I be collecting tax on that sale and sending the tax to France?  Since I am not a citizen of France, there is no sense in … continue reading...


The Weaponization of the Media by the American Left, Today’s Case Study: White Nationalists running for office

In a recent argument with a friend, he asserted that I single out examples of left wing nonsense but don’t mention the stuff on the right.  This missed my point completely.  There is, of course, nonsense across the board.  Pick an ideology, and you will be able to find worthy advocates of it mixed in with those that even the ideology’s adherents would like to jettison if only they could, along with a big lump in the middle that is a smorgasbord of anecdotes.  My point–made with a series of illustrations–was that the left has WEAPONIZED the various institutions, picking … continue reading...


Tips for Knowing that What you Know is True and Real: The Fake News Edition

In the previous two entries, I have laid out my approach to gaining knowledge.  This one was the preamble (theory and concept), and this one laid out specific approaches.  They are roughly ‘stand alone,’ and this one is more of an application of the aforementioned principles.  I have been wanting to discuss these principles for awhile, but my son asked me how to detect Fake News, so I was prompted to finally sit down and do it.

“Fake News” is a strange animal.  Throughout history, there have been examples of deliberate deceit, propaganda, falsification, etc.  Some of these were of … continue reading...


Baby Alfie as Warning to the Rest of Us

About 12 years ago, a doctor sat across from my wife and I and confirmed from the ultrasound and amnio test that our daughter had spina bifida and then, admittedly with more tact than I’m putting it now, asked us if we wanted to kill her.

I document the devastation we felt about this diagnosis in my book, “We Chose Life.”  But a couple of weeks later, I began thinking hard about that encounter with the doctor.  “How is it the case that in our society a doctor can sit across from parents and openly submit that their child … continue reading...


What ‘Knife Control’ Says About One ‘Gun Control’ Argument

Most of my American readers are going to know about the London mayor’s recent ‘ban’ on knives, inaugurated in this hilarious–but evidently sincerely put–tweet:

It just doesn’t get funnier than that. Or sadder.

This whole affair reveals the absurdity of the whole mode of thought that undergirds the ‘gun control’ viewpoint.  To tell you the truth, Sadiq Khan has probably single-handedly unraveled the entire … continue reading...


This Illustrates What I’ve Been Warning About

[This article is 3,500 words long.  If you want to live, you’ll read it to the end.]

Not too long ago, I updated my disclaimer to the right with the note:

Because I believe that people are being manipulated into regularly scheduled outrages, … I will generally abstain from opining on ‘national conversations’ until I am good and ready to do so.  Obviously, I reserve the right comment immediately as I see fit.  …

By this standard, followers of my blog will recognize that the gun debate is one of those places where I exercised my right to comment immediately.  … continue reading...


Thou Shalt Not Be Easily Manipulated

I suppose it wouldn’t take a particularly astute observer to notice that most of my posts for the last 6 months or so have been more orientated towards dissuading people from participating in the ‘national outrage’ rather than addressing whatever it is we’re ‘outraged’ about.  The reason for this is twofold: 1., my research has shown ample reason to believe that there are people who deliberately wish to create and direct mobs and 2., I consider a mobocracy to be one of the most dangerous threats to freedom that history has ever seen.

Thus, I try to avoid ‘national conversations’ … continue reading...