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What Went Wrong with the Left? The Conclusion of the Conclusion

This is the last installment in a series that is almost ten posts long.  I will now officially wrap it up.

The ‘left’ is going off the rails, and I think even many on the ‘left’ see it happening.  However, my expectation is that the people who find this series are more likely to be people already exiting the ‘left’, and previously moderate conservatives who find themselves astonished at what is transpiring, and seeking to understand it.  Another group might be fellow conservatives, who want to direct people to information that will explain things.  In other words, the people who … continue reading...


What went wrong with the left? Conclusion, Part 3.

In Conclusion, Part 2, I argued that the Left is rapidly being sifted.  There are those who abide by reality, and those who simply will not–ever.   I left off noting that the latter used to be held in balance against the former, but that this equilibrium no longer exists.  Today, the irrealists are increasing in number, and those who would eventually be shaken from their insanity are doing so later and later in their lives.

I must discuss this.   We cannot understand what is unfolding unless we factor this in, even if it is not expressly a function of leftism.  … continue reading...


How the Left Went Wrong. Conclusion (2)

In Conclusion Part 1 I discussed how modern liberalism contributes little that can prevent totalitarianism from rising from within its own ranks, but, with the way history is unfolding, the real problem is its inability to offer something against rival systems, like Islamicism.  This inability reduces to a fundamental detachment from reality.  Each of the items I’ve discussed, which are still very much accepted within the Left (Atheism, Darwinism, Marxism, Utilitarianism, etc), are also, in the main, wrong.

When so much of the modern liberal program is based on things which are fantasy, one should not be surprised to see … continue reading...


Sometimes Trump Should Just Shut the Hell Up

I suppose we’ve all had the experience of standing in line at a fast food place waiting for the guy in front of us to place his order.  And waiting.  And waiting.  He seems to invent reasons to take long with his order.  In the meantime, there are 20 people stacked behind him, and he is behaving as though he were the only person in line.  He’s also the guy going 35 in a 55 MPH.

I have found myself as irritated as the next guy when this happens, but I have a personal policy:  when the person in question … continue reading...


How the Left Went Wrong: Conclusion (1)

This is the end of a five part series on how the left went wrong, and to tell you the truth, I’m glad to be done with it.  Talking about such things wearies me.  However, I felt I had to say these things in order to say other things, and be understood when I do so.

My ‘study’ of the ‘left’ was accidental.  Up until about 2007, I was happy to devote my time to reading, researching, and writing, relating to the veracity of Christianity.  Then, my (liberal) doctor suggested we kill our daughter, diagnosed with spina bifida, whilst in … continue reading...


What Went Wrong With the Left? Part 5, the Intersectionals

In part 4 of this series, I discussed the post-WWII turn embrace of The Managed State.  This was a logical outgrowth of the progressive ideology of c. 1910, heavily colored by two world wars and a great depression. It was largely chastened liberals, but there were plenty of old blood Republicans in there as well.   Regardless of party, they were basically Statists, and so had more in common with each other than they did the millions of people they believed they were called to ‘manage.’

I did not dwell on the mechanisms of that management too much, and I won’t … continue reading...


What Went Wrong with the Left? Part 4; Conditioning

The three previous posts in this series have traced the events, ideologically and otherwise, that transformed  ‘liberalism’ from one thing into nearly its opposite over the course of 200 years.  In this post, we finally pick up the pieces after World War II.

WWI knocked the ‘liberalism’ clean out of many.  But WWII… well, that really put a lot of folks on their heels.

However, all of the ideological elements discussed in the previous posts persisted.  They were re-packaged, or in some cases, cloaked.  One aspect that remained the same, and informs the first part of this post, is … continue reading...


What Went Wrong with Liberalism? Part 3 (Progressives and Statism)

200 years ago, I would be considered a liberal.  Now, I am considered anything but.  Since the position that I hold today (limited government, maximum individual liberty) existed then, but is no longer called ‘liberal,’ it follows that what has changed is not the position, but the name, and the things the name describes.   How this happened has been the subject of the last two posts, and covered, roughly speaking 1800 – 1945.  In this post, we’ll span c. 1900 to the present.

We might well sum up what happened to liberalism by recognizing the fundamental paradigm shift which occurred … continue reading...


What Went Wrong with the Left? Part 2: Marxism

A continuation from this post.

A summary of ‘what happened?’ so far:  atheism, Darwinism, and utilitarianism.

These three items are not discrete events, but are definite themes that began gelling together into the basic fabric of ‘liberalism’ in the 1800s and early 1900s.  However, events can’t be discounted.  A stream of thought will have its direction altered if a giant boulder is suddenly thrown into the middle of it.  How the current reacts to this new circumstance isn’t always predictable.  The events provide an opportunity to see the worldview in action.  Did the worldview rise to the occasion?  Or … continue reading...


Logical Fallacy: The Scaffolding Fallacy

In the course of almost 20 years of experience debating and discoursing with people of various viewpoints, I have encountered arguments that are fallacious which nonetheless do not, as far as I know, have ‘official’ names to them.  This might be because the ‘fallacy’ is in fact part of someone’s entire outlook, and does not present as a distinct formal argument.

I’ve always meant to deliberately lay some of these out, but like so much of what I want to say and do, time, energy, and circumstance seem to war against it.  I have a mental list of these.  Occasionally … continue reading...


What Went Wrong With the Left?

Ha!  I know, right?  In under 3,000 words?  Not bloody likely.  Part 1, maybe?

This is a continuation of a series attempting to distill several years of thinking into important background to understand me better when I take issue with the whole vocabulary of ‘left’ and ‘right’ but also to follow me when I explain my thoughts on the prospect of an American civil war, something I’ve heard many on both the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ talk about.  This post ultimately should be read in the context of the rest of the series.

I feel that we need to digest … continue reading...


This is why we absolutely hate the ‘New’ Left

I’m breaking my ‘wait a while’ rule and interrupting a more substantial series, but this little tidbit was just too ‘good’ to pass up.

Why do conservatives like myself utterly despise what the ‘left’ has become?  Or, if you prefer, became, c. 1910?

Well, there is a long list, really.  Of late, we’ve witnessed two years worth of outright fabrications of racism and character assassinations, cheered on by even the ‘best’ elements within liberalism.   Lest this post get overwhelmed with a detailed list of the vile things that liberals have done or advocated, let me get to this doozy, … continue reading...


The Good Liberal

The last few posts have been dedicated to exploring different kinds of leftists and this last one, truly in the spirit of saving the best for last, lays out the attributes of a ‘good’ liberal.  The purpose of this series is twofold.  First, I am unhappy with the traditional ‘left’/’right’ paradigm for accounting for one’s political persuasions and in order to offer something better–even if used only by me, I need to draw some distinctions.  Similarly, in all the talk about a coming ‘civil war,’ distinctions need to be made within the political persuasions that ‘left’ vs ‘right’ simply aren’t … continue reading...


The Leftist Elitist Statists — Pardon the redundancy

I had thought I was going to be finishing my series on the different strains of leftists in America by talking about good liberals who are actually good, and then realized another category needed discussion before I tackled them.  And in case you’re wondering, this is all going somewhere.  There is a reason why I’m drawing distinctions between the kinds of leftists that are out there.  It has something to do with the putative ‘civil war’ that is increasingly talked about as on its way.  But, before I will talk about it, I need to make some distinctions.  (Which also … continue reading...