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Planned Parenthood’s Superbowl Battle

There is just something about this Tebow Superbowl ad that seems to have really gotten under the skins of the pro-abortionist groups like Planned Parenthood and others.  I think its because they perceive that their whole agenda has been called out and they were left rocking backwards on their heels.  A lot of the pro-choice groups are crying foul that we have to be ‘exposed’ to something as damnable as a story about a mother who was advised to have an abortion… but chose not to… in “contravention doctors’ orders” (ala  Rachel Maddow).

Apparently, such divisive matters should not be presented to us during the Superbowl… far better to focus on what unites us:  clever beer commercials and scantily clad women and the occasional wardrobe malfunction.

I think I know what is really going on, why they are so hostile.  I think it is because they understand that their agenda can only be furthered when it happens under the radar.  The worst thing in the world, from their perspective, is that the topic be out in the open.  Like the cockroach and termite, their only hope is that no one notices while they do their nasty work, for if someone did, out would come the spray.  And light is the medium by which they are spotted.

I was recently invited to be a columnist on a Christian news site called the CypressTimes.  One of my first articles was on this very topic.  Here is a snippet:

..it is just plain silly to suggest that a 30 second ad should- and can- deal with every trifling detail.  Megyn Kelly on FoxNews presented this and generally trounced Gloria Allred through intelligent questioning, revealing how desperate the pro-abortionists are in reacting to the Tebow ad.

My wife and I were also given the option to abort our daughter when we discovered that our daughter had spina bifida- a ‘choice’ that was similar to the one Tebow’s mother made.  (You can see our story here)  In my experience discussing this, it has been amazing how angry people have gotten when I present our story.  How dare we present the fact that we chose life?  How dare we impose our views on others?

The insanity is obvious:  the mere presentation of our views is not at all an imposition.  We are led to believe that the ‘pro-choice’ advocates really want people to make informed choices but judging from the hostility when the choice for life is presented, the only side that Planned Parenthood wants people to hear is their side;  the only choice they really honor and respect is the choice to abort.  People who choose life should sit down and shut up.

No one should misunderstand me here, thinking that I prefer PP themselves to sit down and shut up.  Quite the opposite.  I hope they keep talking.  Come into the light, my little crunchy friends.

Read the rest of my CypressTimes Column.


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    • David on March 11, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    lol my crunchy little friends. good stuff there

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