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Proof that Obama was/is a Socialist: Other Socialists Said So In Writing

I generally have kept my blog away from conspiracy theory type stuff though I have suspected there is an element to truth to a lot of the ones circulating about Obama.  Yesterday I saw something that I think is so indisputable that it can no longer be considered a ‘conspiracy theory.’  It is a cold, hard fact.  It does not require an Obama ‘explanation.’  It requires an Obama admission.  He needs to be truthful with the American people.

I am referring here to clippings from a Socialist news paper in the 1990s which listed Barack as a member of their organization.  The original source blog- the group that did the hard work of digging up the newspaper- is called New Zeal.  Here is a link to the original.

I have attached their images of the news paper clippings to this entry.

obama\'s picture on the front- ain\'t no denying

Now, this news requires a certain amount of intelligence on the part of the reader.  One has to be able to figure out that just because something doesn’t have the word ‘socialist’ in it doesn’t mean it ain’t.  The organization called itself the ‘New Party.’  It had explicitly socialistic positions.  Ergo, it is socialistic.  Obama was a member.  Ergo, Obama was socialistic.

Is Obama a socialist now?  Or even a closet communist?  My feeling is that he was and is an opportunist.  He’d be whatever was necessary to survive.  Nonetheless, I will accept no ‘explanation’ from Obama which does not admit that he was, in fact, a member of this political party.  These ‘I didn’t do this but now let me tell you why I did it‘ explanations aren’t going to cut it.  I hope that the American public settles for nothing less.  If you want to vote a socialist into office more power to you.  But at least lets all be honest about it.  If you want a socialist in the presidency say so.  If Obama is that man, let him say so.  Don’t smuggle him in under the cover of media darkness.  That is cowardice, and, I dare say, treasonous.

close up of barack as new party

To corroborate the interpretation of these images, a commentator on the original source blog provided a link to the New Party website using the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.  That link clearly specifies that Obama was a member of the ‘New Party.’ Now the question is how much anyone cares.  Maybe the better question is whether anyone will find out.  Will the media bother to report this?  This is indisputably newsworthy and relevant to this election.  If it was learned that McCain was a member at one time of Operation Rescue or the KKK you can be dead certain that this would be reported.

I must give kudos to Barbara West for her interview of Joe Biden.  I think a little longer and she would have made him cry.  Imagine if the Obama/Biden campaign were really pressed to explain these details by the ‘watchdogs’ ‘protected by the Constitution.’  What would happen?

It can be argued that the United States is already well along the Socialist path.  It seems to me that this would be a good time for the question to be put front and center in uncertain terms:  Are you so comfortable with socialistic policies that you will put a socialist into presidential office, knowing he is a socialist?  This election is a good time to ask and answer that question.

Here are bigger images of the ones above.  Click on them for a closer shotfront of new party, context:

front page of new party with obama


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    • TedIV on May 2, 2009 at 12:28 am

    I too left my faith Catholic as a child and walked away from the republicans as a child to
    For one the King James is not the Bible and is blasphamis
    republican is just another name for KKK

    I am having a problem with the Klan
    Here in Georgia and they just do what ever they want and flaunt it
    I have reported it I have called these watchdog groups
    I even called the justice department in DC cause my courts will not help
    The lady in DC goes and says “how can we help you
    you are in Georgia we are in DC You should call social services”..
    The watchdog groups are watching what???
    and our government is putting people in government that are more moronic than the last republicans
    Yeah Obama (big republican pretending to be a democrat) he worked for the
    Klan sutter and hopkins (now Foley and Lardner) a southern law firm in DC who gained fame thru its cliental southern banks such as wachovia, suntrust etc, and one of its partners who was chief counsel of the Irs and with the treasury department and task force on organized crime
    all under Nixon he even fed nixon info from the irs treasury and task force Nixons bug in the white house was this person
    (find this info in a book called power to destroy by john andrews)
    you’ll find him The bug I call him in Brunswick Georgia with the rest of the civil war round table which he is a high member
    glynn county and camden county Ga also atlanta then savannah Ga Jacksonville Fla
    the klan is not slowly withering away it is alive and well here in Georgia’s and floridas government (Florida is where a lot of confeds ran when the Yanks came, and then created there KKK) and its people
    also members of our federal government
    Why do you think you cannot get cases into court in a timely manner why do you think it takes so long and they only give a certain amount of time to get your case to them here read this Klan trick straight from our government
    ATLANTA, GEORGIA, April 7, 2009 – The right to counsel – the most basic protection against unlawful imprisonment and the most fundamental constitutional right, upon which the enforcement of every other right in the criminal justice system depends – is being systematically denied to poor people accused of crimes in the five counties of the Northern Judicial Circuit of northeast Georgia.

    Approximately 300 people are currently without lawyers to represent them after Mack Crawford, Director of the Georgia Public Defender Standards Council (“GPDSC”), in August of 2008, failed to renew contracts with three lawyers who were providing representation to defendants whose interests conflicted with those of defendants represented by the Northern Judicial Circuit public defender office.
    The Klan motto which is adopted by our law enforcement and judicial system and politicians is
    even if they did not do it get them just as long as you make the community feel safe thats what counts..
    You know what this means right
    This is the Klan showing off
    America is no more

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