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Randall Terry is Wrong, Choose Life is Not Pro Choice

Randall Terry, a prominent pro-life activist released a press release a few minutes ago that says among other things,

“‘Choose life’ is a ‘pro-choice’ message; it presumes it is ethically and legally legitimate to choose murder.

This is nonsense.

I do agree with him that we have as an ultimate goal the end of legal abortion and also that the Tim Tebow ad will probably be fairly ‘warm and fuzzy’ but it doesn’t follow in the slightest that it is implicitly a pro-choice assumption.

My wife and I have a story very similar to the one that Terry is denouncing.  He says,

“The ad will be warm and fuzzy; Mrs. Tebow will talk on camera about how her doctor advised her to abort her pregnancy because of health risks; she will say something like ‘I just knew I couldn’t do it; I was going to have this baby no matter what.’  She will refer to prayer or her faith.

It is the part where Mrs. Tebow says she “was going to have this baby no matter what” that is most similar to the situation with my wife and I.  We were told that our daughter had spina bifida and were given the ‘option’ to ‘terminate.’  We declined.  (Read more:  http://www.wechoselife.com).

If Mr. Terry is to be believed, we made the absolute wrong decision, here.  Since abortion was legal, there was no value to choosing life.  By choosing life and refusing to take part in a silent holocaust, we were, in fact, presuming that it is ethical and legitimate to choose murder.

This is absurd;  dare I say, it is stupid.

I said before that it is an ultimate goal that abortion on demand be outlawed.  However, there is something to be said for the notion that we could make the law unnecessary by persuading people to… choose life.  Obviously, that is not realistic:  nor is it realistic to suppose that if we outlaw abortion, abortions will end.

You see, we definitely need both.  We need to restore a respect for life in the law of the land but we also need to change hearts.  Mr. Randall seems to think that a strategy of changing hearts is an ethical compromise- which is nonsense- but I do wonder how he hopes to change the laws without first changing hearts.

Seriously.  Mr. Randall, you need to think about that.  How is it that you want to make abortion illegal without a population containing a critical mass of people who believe we should choose life- even if the government is willing to allow you to do otherwise?

It is head splitting to imagine that in Randall Terry’s mind all these people who chose life actually were endorsing a pro-choice position.  I wish I would have known that before.  Maybe at the ultrasound we just would have said, “Ah well.  We don’t want to legitimize the pro-choice perspective so I guess you just gotta kill her.”

Asinine.  Mr. Randall, think.



    • Mike on April 18, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    That Terry is asinine is absolutely correct. In the court of public opinion, his actions paint pro lifers as lunatics and the undecided run for the door. While Terry fancies himself a modern day John Brown, serious pro lifers see the harm he is doing and the abortionists cheer.

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