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Random thoughts on how I would change the US Constitution

Just some fun hypothesizing before bed tonight.  I don’t know if these ruminations apply to a Constitution I’d write from scratch or put in at the beginning.  Some of these are contradictory, I realize.

1.  Congress is populated by average Americans who are selected randomly to serve.   Reps serve three year and senators five with two terms max permitted.

2.  President can only exert war powers when war is officially declared and the parameters for measuring victory are clearly set and attainable.

3.  Any declaration of war must be accompanied by 100% commitment to win completely- no holds barred.  That’s war;  half measures result in more dead and suffering than full measures.

4.  Supreme Court justices must apply the constitution strictly according to strict constructionist principles- or else be deposed, promptly.

5.  Legislators and presidents who deliberately put into law legislation that defies or bends the Constitution should be deposed.

6.  The Constitution should explicitly state that if anyone wants to do something that is contrary to the Constitution they should have the decency to actually amend it instead of contorting it.

7.  The Constitution should not mean whatever 9 folks in robes say it means.  It means what it means according to the laws of language:  grammar, vocabulary, structure, etc, even if it embodies legal concepts.  Failure to comply:  depose.

8.  The bill of rights should apply also to the states;  no exceptions.

9.  The Constitution should expand on what is meant by ‘Congress shall make no law respecting religion, etc,’ and clarify which branch of state gov would be analogous to the Federal Congress.

10.  Presidents should have a single six year term.

11.  Presidents should have as many five year terms as they like.

12.  The Constitution should clarify what we all know is the true purpose of the original language of the second amendment:  the thing they were most concerned about was governmental tyranny;  in a system of checks and balances, an armed populace is the ultimate check on governmental tyranny.  The government should have a healthy fear of its own people.   They currently have none, and thus consequently have no respect for its people.

13.  The Constitution should clarify what would constitute legal grounds for insurrection and revolution by said people.

14.  There should be a process by which states can secede from the union.  It can be difficult and tedious and time consuming, but the states need this as yet another ‘check and balance’ mechanism, without it descending into war.

15.  Tax payer monies are used to subsidize all election campaigns for all offices.  This money must be used to carry out a regimented campaign with fixed events and activities that all candidates must march through- regardless of how rich they are.

16.  Corporations are not to be persons.

17.  Disband or rework the electoral college.

18.  Eliminate gerrymandering by using a straight forward formula such as:  1 representantive for every 100,000 people within a 100 square mile region as determined by a fixed rectangular grid.  Period.  Let the chips fall where they may.

19.  Have all senators appointed by the governors of the state and ratified by the legislature.

20.  Eliminate the commerce clause.

21.  Build in recall procedures for every political office.

22.  Broaden ‘standing’ so that you automatically have standing… ie, a citizen of a county automatically has standing to object to affairs in his county without need to show he has been ‘harmed.’  He doesn’t have standing in the next county over.  Likewise, any citizen of the country has standing to object to any policy or public official at the Federal level since whatever happens at that level affects every citizen.

23.  Assert clearly that all human lives are also human persons- no matter what their stage of development- and must be accorded all the rights under the constitution.

24.  Verify that all candidates meet the bare minimum requirements for that position, in public, with all relevant records put on display for everyone to examine whenever they please.  The higher up the chain, the lower the right to privacy.

25.  Establish a ‘safe’ way for the people of the country to amend the constitution for themselves even if they can’t get their elected representatives to stand up for them.  Eg, allow for national referendums with language crafted and implemented by plain citizens.

26.  Get rid of all public officials above the level of the county.  🙂

27.  Assert (again) that the government is only allowed to do explicitly what is mentioned in the Constitution.  All others, unnamed, are reserved to the people and the states.  Violation of this by Federal authorities:  depose.

28.  Want to do something that isn’t explicitly mentioned in the Constitution?  See #6

29.  Get rid of the presidency.  Instead, break the US up into 8 or so regions with a ‘regional president’ with ‘federal’ authority over those regions that do not apply to the other regions.  In case of war, these regional presidents will elect from themselves which president shall carry out the war.

Told you.  Random.  🙂


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