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Rand’s Atlas Shrugged as Template for Today’s Liberal Lunacy

This morning’s post is inspired by this Wall Street Journal article.   Essentially, Moore argues that the government is currently engaged in exactly the kind of behavior witnessed in the book.

It is uncouth these days to say anything even slightly critical about the president-elect, excuse me, the Messiah.  No one wants to hear it.  The mass opinion seems to be that we should all at least swallow our partisan tongues for a little while and “Wish Obama a Successful Presidency.”

We are not permitted to ask exactly what would constitute a ‘success’ in Obama’s eyes.  For I certainly do wish Obama a successful presidency:  I hope that he does repent, does change his attitude, becomes pro-life, and abandons his radical left-wing ideology before it utterly decimates the country, and by extension, the world wherever our country has significant impact.  But I don’t think that is the definition of ‘success’ we are supposed to be wishing on Obama.

The value of reading writings coming out of the 50s and 60s is that the consequences of governmental tyranny are indisputably evident.  Self-evident.  Prima facie.   Consider CS Lewis’s The Abolition of Man, Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, Huxley’s Brave New World, and in addition to Atlas Shrugged I would put forward Rand’s smaller book, Anthem.  These people put forward a vision of what could come, what would come, if the principles they had been witnessed to bore fruit. (My own Birth Pangs series is about picking up the pieces after the principles have had their full play)

Now, those principles were stifled in some respect.  But it is the nature of the human beast that after enough time has passed- 20 years will do, but in today’s media saturated 24/7 news cycle apparently 20 minutes will do, as well- the things of the past are just that, the things of the past.  “Those things won’t happen again.”  “Things are different today.”  “We’d never let that happen again.”  “We are smarter today.”

This, I’m afraid, is all wishful thinking.  Very dangerous wishful thinking.  Under the cover of this mentality the principles of old are allowed ever deeper reach into the operations of free societies.  But God cannot be mocked.  If you plant a corn seed you will get a corn plant.  If you plant these principles you will reap their fruit.  You may delay it a little while or change its expression, that’s all.

I am thankful over the years to have met some liberals who I consider were genuine and not lunatics.  This is a shout out to DB and Joel K, for example.  Joel K in particular expressed a basis for his liberalism that seemed cogent.  I saw in his arguments several points of contacts with my own outlook where some reasonable political, or at least, societal compromise could be made by both of us.  There is a thoughtfulness in their presentation which I fear is utterly lacking in liberalism at large and as expressed in Obama and the great mass of his supporters and the government in general the last few months.

Yes, President Bush, you did chuck free market principles aside.    Yes, John McCain, you were willing to do the same.  Yes, current and ousted Republicans, you joined them.  In the last few months we saw every Republican reduced to RINO status.   And what will be the message to the incoming administration?  That you can just chuck things willy nilly ‘for the common good.’  What’s next?  Does anyone care?

I mentioned my friend Joel K for the purpose of pointing out that I can see ways in which liberalism can be expressed in a sane fashion.  Sanity requires using one’s mind but it is precisely that which we are being asked not to do.  It reminds me of the church a friend of mine went to a few years ago.  The pastor said at the beginning “Check your mind at the door, just let the Spirit take you!” (That sound you hear are warning bells going off)

I fear that we are witness to the exact same attitude today regarding the incoming administration.  “Check your mind at the door… we finally have some Doctors of Government who know what they are doing… you can trust them… just hold… very… still.  This will hurt me more than it will hurt you…”

(That sound you hear are all the warning bells being removed and melted into trinkets to sell at the inauguration.)


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