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Recap: Defending the Faith by Defending the Family

A couple of months ago, I began organizing my thoughts for some presentations I gave at a pastor’s conference.  The overall theme was ‘the need for apologetics in our culture’ which I took as an opportunity to offer an expanded understanding of the idea of ‘apologetics.’  This was borne from my observations and my research into what I have been calling the “anti-revival.”  The surge in non-Christians over the last decade or so has been remarkable, but most remarkable of all is that many of these were raised in a church.

Perhaps not coincidentally, they also tended to be the children born after the sexual revolution who, in the 1990s, were just coming of age.  If it isn’t a coincidence–and I argue it isn’t–then the underlying dynamics within the culture itself were instrumental in bringing about the “anti-revival.”  But, another important component was the failure of the Church to rise to the challenge.  Thus, what we mean by ‘apologetics’ must include reference to culture, and that most basic of cultural realities–the family.

For those who are interested in hearing those presentations and reading my blog posts organizing my thoughts (and insight into some of the aforementioned research), you may go here.  If your church or organization is interested in learning more about this phenomena and what can be done about it, email me at director@athanatosministries.org.



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    • End Bringer on November 18, 2016 at 11:23 am

    “If your church….”

    I think your post got cut off a little.

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