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Separation of Church And State, Hitler Style

In 1954 the US passed tax exemption legislation that prohibited tax exempt entities to engage in certain kinds of political activities.


From a speech by Adolf Hitler, 1935.  National-Socialist Party Conference:

The Party never had the intention, and it has not the intention now, of engaging in any kind of hostilities against Christianity in Germany.  Our aim has been quite the opposite.  We have sought to unite the various regional Prostestant churches, whose conditions of existence were impossible, and create one great Evangelical Church throughout the Reich, without interfering in the slightest with questions of religious belief or practice.

But under no condition whatsoever will the National Socialist State permit religious denominations to engage in political activities, whether these activities be a continuance of the old tradition or something started afresh.  And here I should like to issue a definite warning against the entertaining of any illusions whatsoever in regard to the fixed determination of the Movement and the State.  We have already fought the clerical politicans and forced them to leave Parliament.  It was a long struggle during which we held no public power whatsoever, whereas the others held all the power in their hands.


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