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Sntjohnny and his new non-profit: Athanatos Christian Ministries, apologetics, culture, education, etc

Despite my passion for apologetics coming out of college, the realities were such that my full time jobs had to take precedence. The discussion forum debates had to happen late into the night. After 7 years of professional ministry experiences (teaching high school, junior high, Bible college, parish ministry) my full time occupation became more flexible and I could devote more time to it. That meant that the next step, formal incorporation as a non-profit, was obvious.

Thanks to supporters old and new I have finally been able to form that non-profit. It is called Athanatos Christian Ministries. ‘Athanatos’ is Greek for ‘not dying’ or, as otherwise known, ‘immortal.’ What if by the grace of God we are going to live forever? If you accept Christianity, you understand that this is exactly the case. The Scriptures say that “He has set eternity in the hearts of men.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11). If that is the case- for all men, atheists, hindus, etc- then there are multiple levels to reach people and Athanatos Christian Ministries is dedicated to developing and employing them.

The new web page is www.athanatosministries.org.

Some of the areas of development shall be:

  • A Christian publishing house taking manuscripts immediately.
  • Continued development of educational tools for churches (ie, bulletin inserts, curriculum)
  • An online academy that offers courses to those wishing to know the evidential, philosophical, and theological basis for Christianity compared and contrasted with other world views.
  • Connecting with like minded competent individuals to produce materials (books, stories, commentaries, curriculum, etc) consistent with ACM’s vision.
  • More as we think of them.

Expect to see structural changes here at Sntjohnny.com. There will always be a close relationship between the two sites but Sntjohnny.com will be streamlined a bit so that there isn’t too much redundancy. For example, donations will now be accepted through the ACM site instead of through this one.

In conclusion, I hope you all- yes, even you– will wish me well and I thank those who have helped make this a reality. I hope, too, that I can continue to be of service to people and in even more ways.

At present, I should like to add that our online academy is taking enrollments with courses set to begin approximately April 15th. Take a couple and spread the word. The publishing house is accepting completed manuscripts. If you’ve got one or know someone who does, you know where to go.


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