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Sony Cancels “Interview” Because Obama Can’t Fight His Way out of a Wet Paper Bag

I saw that Sony has canceled its release of “The Interview” because of the threats issued by the ‘Guardians of Peace’ (aka, the North Koreans) to launch mass casualty events in American theaters and I just had to shake my head.  It really is just astonishing.

A foreign government threatens to slaughter thousands of American movie-goers and the strongest statement that the Obama administration can muster is that there is “no credible threat.”  Despite these very assuring words, Sony has completely surrendered.  Who can blame them?   Not only is the yellow streak down Obama’s back plain for the world to see, but we know from past experience that if someone did wipe out thousands of Americans, Obama is as likely to blame the murdered as he is the murderers… after all, the movie is an American provocation, is it not?

In a recent example where he showed his true character, in response to the slaughter–the literal slaughter–of more than a hundred school children in Pakistan by the Taliban, Obama couldn’t even bring himself to single out the Taliban by name in his statement.

Having now watched Obama get pushed around in Syria and the Ukraine, the North Koreans could not have been too worried about how far Obama would go.  They knew that Obama probably wouldn’t do anything in response to threatening words, and even if North Korea carried out their threat (or, more likely, a lone wolf acting on his own initiative), the extent of Obama’s retaliation would probably be a round of drone strikes on a handful of lowly North Korean soldiers.  Like Clinton and his cruise missiles (that is not a euphemism), Obama just doesn’t have the stomach for dealing with threats in any decisive manner.  Obama would rather watch Iraq burn then do what is necessary with ISIS–which I think we all know desperately needs to be completely annihilated.

Certainly, Sony would know this, too.   Without any confidence that America would protect itself or provide ‘credible’ deterrence, they must have realized that it was up to them to try to analyze the ‘credibility’ of the threat, and act accordingly.  If, however, Obama and the administration had come out and said that there was no ‘credible threat’ (which may, of course, be true) and also said, “But, if any such attack were to be carried out, we’d see to it that your country was a barren wasteland by morn'” Sony could at least have counted on the sponsoring country worrying a bit about its own self-preservation.

I am aware of the fact that any such stern warning would probably be too little too late.  I doubt very much that even now any country would take such a warning seriously.

I can say, at least, that if I learned North Korea made a comment of this sort directed specifically at me, I would operate as though I was completely ON MY OWN.  Indeed, isn’t that precisely the situation every movie-goer finds themselves in?  No wonder Sony surrendered; it would be hard to have an atrocity on their conscience, if it turned out the ‘incredible threat’ turned out to be very real.  It makes me sad that they came to that conclusion, but I totally understand it.

Let us all pray that our next resident of the White House is made of sterner stuff and actually likes the people he’s been elected to govern.




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