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PETA Sex Education Commercial Tells the Truth Just not the Right One

Have you seen on the news the PETA sex education commercial?  On Fox News it’s getting hammered for being grossly inappropriate.  Possibly Youtube agrees, since it looks like it has been pulled.  That means I have to explain it, I reckon.

Basically, the commercial has a mother and father (gots to give them credit for arriving at that arrangement) encouraging their daughter to have sex with anything that ‘has a pulse.’  When the girl protests that she might get pregnant, the parents tell her not to worry, after all, there are places for unwanted children- forgetting I guess, that some … continue reading...

Liberal Outcry: Judicial Activism on the DC Gun Ban

Already I’m seeing and hearing reactions to today’s Supreme Court tossing of the DC gun ban saying that this is conservative judicial activism.  As I understand it (I haven’t read the decisions myself), even the dissent is making that accusation.

I don’t agree, personally.  I believe that the ruling was constructionist (which makes me wonder why Kennedy went with it) but let’s assume it was judicial activism.  Is this not then an illustration about the foolishness of a judicial system that is allowed to deviate at will from the words on the paper?  There is no right to an abortion … continue reading...

Welkome WND readers!

If you are here after reading my debut on Worldnetdaily.com and would like to comment on the column, this post would be the place.

My column on Worldnetdaily: “Apologetics the Cure for Social Ills?”

The evidence of societal decay is all around us. The California Supreme Court decision is not an isolated event. Despite eight years with a Republican president, much of that with a Republican-controlled legislature, abortion is still legal and rampant, and Roe v. Wade the “law” of the land. The cure, it would seem, is better legislative efforts and more efficient grass-roots campaigning for wholesome … continue reading...

Texas ‘Polygamists’ have rights too?

I am gently informed by Mormons that the Mormon-like polygamist community in Texas are not Mormons.  Read their arguments and my initial post on this subject here.


So, a Texas court has ruled that the State acted inappropriately as it extricated more than 400 children from the Texas polygamist compound.  Here are two articles that discuss the matter:



That article contains this comment which is consistent with my earlier post, which takes issue with the hypocrisy involved:

“The Department conceded at the hearing that teenage pregnancy, by itself, is not a reason to remove children from continue reading...

Are your views on Abortion Related to Your Belief System?

Anecdotally speaking, I am very confident that one’s position on abortion is generally very closely connected to your beliefs and world view.   I discussed my thoughts on this in this fairly lengthy post talking about apologetics and the abortion issue.  I would like to move slightly beyond the anecdotal.  It isn’t quite to the point where I’m going to launch a formal study or anything, but I would like to hear people’s actual responses.

Christian or non-Christian, pro-life or not, I would like to hear your thoughts.  Here are some questions you could answer:

  • Have you ever changed your mind
continue reading...

You have a moral obligation to abort your Down Syndrome Baby, your Cerebral Palsy Baby, your Spina Bifida Baby, your Cystic Fibrosis Baby

Didn’t you know that? It is a moral obligation. That is what this embryology professor is reported to have said in this news article here. Here is a quote:

“In my opinion, the moral thing for older mothers to do is to have amniocentesis, as soon during pregnancy as is safe for the fetus, test whether placental cells have a third chromosome #21, and abort the fetus if it does. The brain is the last organ to become functional.”

The article continues with some pretty interesting points. The professor objects that he is just trying to start discussion. One … continue reading...

Defeating Abortion by Strengthening the Church, Strengthening the Church through Apologetics

I am kicking around doing my master’s thesis on this issue and have been thinking about it for some time. Most recently I was led to reflect on it when I noted a pattern among some of my friend’s experiences as well as my own. Namely, our parents were generally liberal, or Democratic, or generally skeptical of conservatism bordering on outright derision and dismissal. Yet, in varying degrees we would all be considered conservative, though a strong streak of libertarianism pokes through as well. We all have a well thought out Christian world view in common, and, incidentally, Christian schooling.… continue reading...

The Doctors are Not Always Right: Says a comment, but not the story

I found this story to be interesting. It tells the story of twins, one of which was weaker than the other in the womb. In order to save the life of the stronger one… presumably… they were going to ‘terminate’ the weaker one. The story describes the efforts to kill the smaller baby but the result was that the baby kept on living. The boys look pretty healthy now.

The article doesn’t state the obvious, but a comment by another reader does: ” A lovely story. Doctors are not always right.”

Not all of us are confronted with the heart-wrenching … continue reading...