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The Economy and the Christian- reflections on a limited government and the Church and abortion

I haven’t posted much on the current economic crisis.  A friend asked me what I thought.  I told him that I was unconcerned about the ‘cost’ to the taxpayers since the truth is that the government will just be printing the money anyway… the dirty little secret is that the government hasn’t needed taxpayer dollars […]


One Issue Voting: Is Abortion a Holocaust?

For these reasons and more, I am a proud one issue voter. I am under no illusions about the other things I have to tolerate that I don’t like nor am I unaware that political candidates may decide to take advantage of this, opposing abortion with their lips but never acting. That is still better than voting for someone who with both lips and action perpetuate the American Holocaust.


Why we need to Start from Scratch in Abortion and Atheism without resorting to Presuppositionalism

One might think then that this is simply a question of shifting one’s presuppositions and evidence has nothing to do with it. Certainly assumptions have a lot to do with the matter. I think my point is that the question of abortion belongs in a different class than the question of atheism or theism. After one has decided where they stand regarding God, conclusions about abortion more or less follow. That doesn’t mean that one’s stand regarding God needs to rest only on assumptions!


Today’s Notes: Moral Equivalency on 9-11, Qualification: Did not have an Abortion, Pro-life Blogs

The South Carolina chairwoman of the Democrat party said yesterday that Sarah Palin’s “primary qualification seems to be that she hasn’t had an abortion.” This has apparently inspired a firestorm but this is an observation that was made in the conservative camp already from the reverse: that in the liberal (feminist) mind, Sarah’s primary disqualification was that she hasn’t had an abortion.

Sarah Palin is proof that carrying your baby to term is not ‘punishment’ and does not destroy your life and keep you from succeeding as a woman. Sarah Palin has been described as the perfect example of the ‘American Taliban.’ This is moral equivalency writ large, moral sense perfectly unhinged.


Abortion, politics, apologetics: Observations on the conservative and liberal cultures

There is no dispute here that life begins at conception. The philosophical question has to do with when we believe that the entity is a person, and consequently entitled to the rights we ascribe to persons. There is no non-arbitrary objective measure other than conception by which to say “before there wasn’t, but now there is.” There is no place in the stages of pregnancy where one can say “Aha! Now it is a person!”


One Conservative Reaction to News that Sarah Palin’s Daughter is Pregnant: What would Obama Think?

But to the central issue: does Bristol’s behavior undercut the moral position of her parents? I say no. If the Palins had disowned their daughter, that would have undercut their moral position. For the Christian faith has never been about being perfect and always about owning up to one’s mistakes and receiving forgiveness.


Democrats Deprived of Historical Moment, McCain Wins Christian Conservatives, McCain wins ME

I think credit has to be given to McCain for being willing to suck it up and listen to his base. McCain’s annoyance with the so-called ‘Christian Right’ is well known and the annoyance has been reciprocated, illustrated for example by James Dobson saying he would not vote for McCain. I believe the tide changed in McCain’s mind after he realized that it might be possible to win the Christian and conservative vote after all, and this happened after the Rick Warren interview.

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