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Presuppositional versus evidential apologetics and naturalistic bias

I don’t very often get into debates about this but it did come up recently (by a person I make out to be an atheist no less) in the comment section of one of my blog posts.   I’m not sure what his final purpose was… did he mean to convey that we really should assume our beliefs are true and then work from there?  And that is ok?

For reference sake, he quoted this article by a presuppositionalist and for the purpose of this post if you want to know what a presupper believes that article is a good … continue reading...

Are your views on Abortion Related to Your Belief System?

Anecdotally speaking, I am very confident that one’s position on abortion is generally very closely connected to your beliefs and world view.   I discussed my thoughts on this in this fairly lengthy post talking about apologetics and the abortion issue.  I would like to move slightly beyond the anecdotal.  It isn’t quite to the point where I’m going to launch a formal study or anything, but I would like to hear people’s actual responses.

Christian or non-Christian, pro-life or not, I would like to hear your thoughts.  Here are some questions you could answer:

  • Have you ever changed your mind
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Church Bulletin Insert for CS Lewis Prince Caspian

Prince Caspian is due out in mid-May, 2008. Here is one of my posts on the Christian themes in Prince Caspian. Click Here for my review of the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe movie. Would your church be interested in having a presentation on the Chronicles of Narnia? Anthony is available. The bulletin information is below.

As promised, I have completed a bulletin insert for the upcoming release of CS Lewis’s Prince Caspian. It is available for download in PDF right above.

Prince Caspian is due out in middle of May, so I do realize that I’m … continue reading...

Course on the Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus: Against Naturalism

My recent blog posts discussing philosophical naturalism really show that this course is relevant.  Here is the question:  on the historical evidence alone, unfettered by the presupposition that there is a God or that there isn’t one, and unfettered with baggage that reasonable people MUST interpret everything in naturalistic terms, can it be shown (again, on the historical evidence alone), that Jesus rose from the dead?

If he did, that is a prima facie case for the existence of God, and not just any God, the Christian God, and it also undermines naturalism.

The Athanatos Online Academy’s course on the … continue reading...

Evidence of the Resurrection Apologetics Class

This Friday, the “Historicity of the Resurrection” course begins at Athanatos Online Academy.

We are using William Lane Craig’s book, “The Son Rises:  The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus” as the textbook and scouring resources on the Internet for corroborative materials, in particular corroborations of claims and evidences that Craig makes.  In addition to presenting the positive arguments for the Resurrection, the course will also cover the main objections that have been raised by skeptics over the centuries.  In particular, students will be invited to document how the presupposition that the supernatural isn’t real, or, supernatural claims are … continue reading...

Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy- April/May Session

The schedule for the upcoming apologetics academy session has been more or less finalized. Here it is:

The Problem of Pain and Suffering — April 21st
Christ Promised in the Old Testament — April 23rd
Historicity of the Resurrection — April 25th
Elements of Basic Christianity — April 28th
Reliability of the New Testament Documents — April 28th
Formation of the New Testament Canon — April 28th
Basic New Testament Greek — April 28th
Studies in Atheism — April 30th
Study in Alleged Bible Contradictions — May 5th
History of the Creeds and Christian Conflict — May 5th
The Historical … continue reading...

Highly Recommended: Peter Kreeft’s Handbook of Christian Apologetics

This isn’t a formal review by any means but I did recently complete this book and thought it was so fantastic it deserved a quick mention. The book was suggested to me in my quest for a ‘basic Christianity’ book to give to skeptics that would lay out in easy to understand but documented detail precisely what Christianity is, the kind of thing that Dorothy Sayer’s ‘well educated Zoroastrian’ could produce. Kreeft’s Handbook is not that book. (It is, however, the book I was looking for to serve as the apologetics text book for the certificate of apologetics for my … continue reading...

Two Approaches Christians Have to the World: Isolation Versus Insulation

I am pleased to publish an article by my friend, Don Hank, the Editor in Chief of Laigle’s Forum.  Though he and I have different tasks set before us, we have a shared concern about the state of the Church and many shared concerns about the threats that are arrayed against Her, and this country.  This article represents some of Don’s thoughts about Christian apologetics.

Isolation versus insulation for Christians

by Donald Hank

Imagine a mother and father who kept their children indoors in the coldest winter months and never allowed them to leave the house until they were … continue reading...

Presentation Text on Apologetics and the Arts and Literature

Below is the text of the speech I gave recently at my event in Wisconsin. I don’t typically write out my presentations. I usually work off an outline and as it happened I ended up setting aside the text completely and working off of memory. The presentation that I actually came had the same general points but was presented a bit differently. Also, due to time constraints I skipped some points in the actual presentation that appear in the text. It seemed worthwhile to make this available for those who wanted the best of all worlds.

It is also useful … continue reading...

Sntjohnny and his new non-profit: Athanatos Christian Ministries, apologetics, culture, education, etc

Despite my passion for apologetics coming out of college, the realities were such that my full time jobs had to take precedence. The discussion forum debates had to happen late into the night. After 7 years of professional ministry experiences (teaching high school, junior high, Bible college, parish ministry) my full time occupation became more flexible and I could devote more time to it. That meant that the next step, formal incorporation as a non-profit, was obvious.

Thanks to supporters old and new I have finally been able to form that non-profit. It is called Athanatos Christian Ministries. ‘Athanatos’ is … continue reading...

A Christian review and response to John Dominic Crossan’s The Historical Jesus

A Review of

John Dominic Crossan’s

The Historical Jesus

By Anthony Horvath


While in Strasbourg attending the Apologetics Academy under Dr. Montgomery we spent a fair bit of time talking about ‘the historical Jesus’ and scholarship on the subject both in the past and in recent times. I decided that further study in that area would be beneficial. For that reason, I chose to review John Dominic Crossan’s 507 page The Historical Jesus. This review will summarize Dr. Crossan’s methodology and his conclusions, present a handful of criticisms that … continue reading...

Defeating Abortion by Strengthening the Church, Strengthening the Church through Apologetics

I am kicking around doing my master’s thesis on this issue and have been thinking about it for some time. Most recently I was led to reflect on it when I noted a pattern among some of my friend’s experiences as well as my own. Namely, our parents were generally liberal, or Democratic, or generally skeptical of conservatism bordering on outright derision and dismissal. Yet, in varying degrees we would all be considered conservative, though a strong streak of libertarianism pokes through as well. We all have a well thought out Christian world view in common, and, incidentally, Christian schooling.… continue reading...

Christianity, Christian Apologetics and Politics and World Affairs, Staff Writing for Laigle’s Forum

As tends to happen on occasion, complaints or concerns are raised that I, as a Christian apologist would weigh in on political affairs.  I’m also a citizen of this country and a normal human being and there is nothing about this blog or my site or my ministry that indicates that I plan on compartmentalizing myself.  Clearly, my main focus is apologetics as that is where my main passion is.

On the other hand, since I firmly believe that ideas have consequences and nonChristian ideas often have very bad consequences, in my quest to reach out to individual souls I … continue reading...

Advent Church Bulletin Series with Apologetics Emphasis Released for Free for 2007 (Year A)

Sample of Week 1I am making my Advent 2007 Apologetics Bulletin series available for free download and free distribution (no license fee) as of this moment.  Feedback is welcome as I hope to put together a series for Lent in 2008, next.

These bulletin inserts were available even before my Golden Compass parent’s guide/bulletin insert, which is still available and has been downloaded almost 2,000 times. Many churches have reported using that insert. This series has a similar philosophy in that it tries to equip Christians with the facts of the faith however it is different in that instead of being topical, … continue reading...