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Holmen Star Church and State Issue Coming to a Boil

This Thursday, May 8th, the Holmen village council is expected to take up the issue of the Holmen ‘Cross.’  Perched on a bluff that can be seen from a great distance is a lighted star that during Easter is lighted as a cross instead, for just about a week.  A relatively new resident decided that this offended him and it constituted an establishment of religion.  The Holmen village decided to sell the small piece of property to the Lions Club which formerly was involved with the star and cross.  This would effectively put the object on private land and dodge … continue reading...

What is Christianity? Why should we Study Atheism? Who cares how the Bible was Formed?

Beginning on April 30th, 2008, Athanatos Online Academy’s course “Studies in Atheism” will begin. This three week course will give a brief history of atheism through the centuries and then leap to a discussion of more modern atheists such as Bertrand Russell, Antony Flew, and the so-called ‘New’ atheists: Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, and so on.

Why should anyone care? Why should Christians care? Trends in atheism are as discernible as trends in anything else and many agree (even ‘moderate’ atheists will sometimes agree) that the current trends are ominous. Moreover, if Christians want to reach out … continue reading...

Course on the Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus: Against Naturalism

My recent blog posts discussing philosophical naturalism really show that this course is relevant.  Here is the question:  on the historical evidence alone, unfettered by the presupposition that there is a God or that there isn’t one, and unfettered with baggage that reasonable people MUST interpret everything in naturalistic terms, can it be shown (again, on the historical evidence alone), that Jesus rose from the dead?

If he did, that is a prima facie case for the existence of God, and not just any God, the Christian God, and it also undermines naturalism.

The Athanatos Online Academy’s course on the … continue reading...

A friend’s view on the hostility to Intelligent Design: Evolutionary theory isn’t the problem. Atheists are.

A friend of mine blogged on the reaction to Expelled. I notice he’s making many of the same points that I’ve been making and noticing some of the same insane commentary, like dismissing those who think they can detect design (uh, like realizing this post has content and isn’t just an electronic burp) as being ‘flat-earth’ creationists and other such ridiculous things.

KryptosI will only add that I think it is a good thing to hear the anti-ID crowd say what they think. They’ve been talking this way for years. When the public at large gets wind of it … continue reading...

Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy- April/May Session

The schedule for the upcoming apologetics academy session has been more or less finalized. Here it is:

The Problem of Pain and Suffering — April 21st
Christ Promised in the Old Testament — April 23rd
Historicity of the Resurrection — April 25th
Elements of Basic Christianity — April 28th
Reliability of the New Testament Documents — April 28th
Formation of the New Testament Canon — April 28th
Basic New Testament Greek — April 28th
Studies in Atheism — April 30th
Study in Alleged Bible Contradictions — May 5th
History of the Creeds and Christian Conflict — May 5th
The Historical … continue reading...

Understanding the Root Controversy of Intelligent Design

I have not yet seen Stein’s movie, Expelled, but hope to by the end of this weekend.  I’ve used this week as an opportunity to highlight various issues and I have linked to corroboration of at least some of the allegations that are made in the movie.  I would like to spend a moment addressing what I believe is the real crux of the matter.  This post is mainly for Christians but I can’t stop skeptics from reading.

The central argument in Intelligent Design, in the eyes of certain scientists and budding atheists, is whether or not ID should be … continue reading...

Power to the Experts! Down with Intelligent Design! To arms, to arms!

So one of the biggest public events in the Intelligent Design debate is upon us.  Ben Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is going to be out in theaters today.  Browsing through anti-ID commentary you get a sense of the heat this movie is taking.  It is a small taste of the heat this movie is about.  The stated concerns range all over the place, but the underlying premise that seems to have them pulling out their hair is that such popularizations of the debate are bad, very bad, because the American public are, well, morons.  Why can’t people just be … continue reading...

You can’t say Intelligent Design is not Science Just Because it is So Obvious

My favorite Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed trailer hit youtube. I had wanted to post it before but I had to link to the Expelled movie site. Here it is:

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

In one of my recent posts I challenged Skeptics to be skeptical of everything. I would include the prospect that their anti-intelligent design bent is just a Dawkinian ‘meme.’ If they had been born at any other time at any other place, even they would have conceded that the marks of intelligent design were all around … continue reading...

Highly Recommended: Peter Kreeft’s Handbook of Christian Apologetics

This isn’t a formal review by any means but I did recently complete this book and thought it was so fantastic it deserved a quick mention. The book was suggested to me in my quest for a ‘basic Christianity’ book to give to skeptics that would lay out in easy to understand but documented detail precisely what Christianity is, the kind of thing that Dorothy Sayer’s ‘well educated Zoroastrian’ could produce. Kreeft’s Handbook is not that book. (It is, however, the book I was looking for to serve as the apologetics text book for the certificate of apologetics for my … continue reading...

Giving Skeptics Reason to be Skeptical: Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. New Super Trailer.

The latest trailer is awesome in my opinion: http://www.expelledthemovie.com/playground.php (Opens in New Window.)

I have had on occasion the opportunity to challenge my skeptical atheistic secular humanistic ‘free thinking’ ‘bright‘ friends to put their alleged skeptical and free thinking methods to work that is skeptical about everything, and not just ‘religious’ issues. There are many examples where I think such an attitude would, if applied genuinely result in respect and appreciation for ‘religious’ views even if not leading them to embrace them. But usually, skeptics are not skeptical of everything. They are skeptical just to a point.… continue reading...

How to Talk to an Atheist- if you Must: Fundies Say the Darndest Things

For the record, that title is meant to be a joke. I think it was Anne Coulter who had a title similar to that but with liberals in the title. But it is eye catching, don’t you think?  I like talking to atheists.  Usually.

I once wrote a long essay on how the Church needs to change the way it talks, and quick, because everything coming out of its mouth is being misunderstood.   In particular, the way the Church talks to the outside world needs to change, but updating our Christianese within the community would be a good idea, too.… continue reading...

Two Approaches Christians Have to the World: Isolation Versus Insulation

I am pleased to publish an article by my friend, Don Hank, the Editor in Chief of Laigle’s Forum.  Though he and I have different tasks set before us, we have a shared concern about the state of the Church and many shared concerns about the threats that are arrayed against Her, and this country.  This article represents some of Don’s thoughts about Christian apologetics.

Isolation versus insulation for Christians

by Donald Hank

Imagine a mother and father who kept their children indoors in the coldest winter months and never allowed them to leave the house until they were … continue reading...

Understanding the Atheistic Mind and the New Atheists and why they Must be Confronted

Someone sent me a link to this ‘blog’ entry titled “10 Questions Every Intelligent Christian Must Answer”. Now, I definitely don’t agree with the premise. I don’t think we are obliged to answer most of the questions, springing as they do out of sheer ignorance and contempt. What I found most telling about this entry with 850 kudos and 5,000 comments and applauded by Sam Harris himself is the rationale that follows his list:

When you use your brain, and when you think logically about your religious faith, you can reach only one possible conclusion: the “god” that you

continue reading...

A Christian Review of Anne Rice’s The Road to Cana

Anne Rice’s “Road to Cana.”
Reviewed by Anthony Horvath

Buy on Amazon.com: Christ the Lord: The Road to Cana (Christ the Lord)

  • Hardcover: 256 pages
  • Publisher: Knopf (March 4, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1400043522
  • ISBN-13: 978-1400043521

Book Description:
Anne Rice’s second book in her hugely ambitious and courageous life of Christ begins during his last winter before his baptism in the Jordan and concludes with the miracle at Cana.

It is a novel in which we see Jesus—he is called Yeshua bar Joseph—during a winter of no rain, endless dust, and talk of trouble in Judea.

Legends of a Virgin … continue reading...