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The Holmen Cross, Kristallnacht, and the Tyranny of the Minority: My Letter to the Editor in the La Crosse Tribune

I wrote a letter to the editor regarding the Holmen cross which sits on public property.  It was published today.  The power of the personal blog gives me the ability to comment further and even respond to other letter writers.  Let’s start with my actual letter.

Beware tyranny of the minority

It is not every day that Holmen has the opportunity to have an impact on the affairs of the entire nation. The decision to sell off the land that the cross on Star Hill stands on in order to avoid controversy is understandable in light of what happened

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Church and State Separation Issues Strike Holmen and the Cross on Star Hill

The national issue about religious icons (read: Christian symbols) on public land has struck very close to home. This link will give some background to the whole affair but there are a few other things of note which perhaps in due time I will speak to. I have strong feelings about such issues and have spoken about other areas. It doesn’t make sense not to chronicle the situation and opine on it on my own blog since I actually live in the vicinity of the offending cross. So here goes.

As the article explains, in a purchase for other purposes, … continue reading...

The Wonder of Easter Foretold in the Book of Daniel

In a blog entry noting that the book of Nehemiah had been corroborated by a recent archeological find, I explained the significance of that find as it pertains to a prophecy in the book of Daniel.  It is this prophecy that I would like to address in this entry in honor of the Easter holiday.

First I would like to present to the reader a mystery from history.   It is well known that in first century Judea there was rampant speculation that the arrival of the promised Messiah was imminent.   There were even many people claiming to be that Messiah.   … continue reading...

The Fellowship of the King: Graduation Speech, 2005.

At long last I have managed to get the video of my graduation speech online in a workable format. I have them up on Youtube right now in two halves and on Apologeticsvideos.net in whole (shown below). This is a graduating class that I had for their 7th and 8th grade years, teaching religion, social studies, and PE. This is one of the few presentations that I have given from a written text. Below the video I have the full text.

The Fellowship of the King

Direct Link to Apologeticsvideos.net video.

(link to Youtube) Part 1:

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The Best Arguments For Christianity

The best arguments for Christianity aren’t arguments at all.  For example, in this post here I even argue that pure, logical arguments, have a very limited value.  In fact, to really set the stage for my claims in this post, let me call attention to the fact that in the Scriptures, old testament and new, the question of God’s existence is rarely raised.  What was emphasized is the identity of the one, actual God.  There is a startling passage in the book of James that reads:

“You believe that here is one God.  Good!  Even the demons believe that- and

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Is Paganism or Atheism More Dangerous to Christianity?

Not long after I emerged from my own period of intense doubt, the Harry Potter series came onto the scene.  I was aware of the Christian criticisms of the series, ie, that it was witchcraft and promoted paganism, etc.  I didn’t think much about those arguments then and don’t today, either, for reasons discussed elsewhere on this blog and for later conversation.  Suffice it to say, in my encounters with ‘paganism’ it was always the case that nature worship or something along that lines was more in play than desires to be ‘witches’ or play with ‘magic.’
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Bill Maher a Bigot? UFO’s more likely than the Christian Story? Is the Catholic League Right to be Offended?

So I just saw on Fox News Donohue of the Catholic League talking about the subject of their news release.  He was pretty hot about it.  The offending statement- as taken from the news release- is this:

“But I think it is much more likely that there could be space ships from outer space, than what a lot of things people believe. People still believe, you know, excuse me I know I may inject religion into every show but UFO’s are a lot more likely than a space god flew down bodily and you know who was the Son

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Just how brave and courageous and free thinking is atheism?

If you spend as much time reading the writings of atheists as I do, you see many chest thumping descriptions of atheism as being brave, bold, and the logical position of any rational person.  One of the clearest and most sustained presentation of atheism in that sense is in Richard Dawkins’s “The God Delusion” where he spends a fair bit of time ranting that Newton and other great men would have been atheists if only their society had allowed it.   Antony Flew’s change of mind is put off as being a mark of old age.  Dawkins has to take this … continue reading...

The Limited Value of Logical Arguments For or Against the Existence of God and His Characteristics

In the process of my return to Christianity I spent a fair bit of time dealing with what I thought was a foundational issue, that is, Does God Exist?  The rest of Christianity’s claims seemed to rise and fall on that.  This was the days before the Internet made everything easy, so my quest found me in the college library reading Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas’s Summas.    Here he produced ‘proofs’ of God’s existence.  For me at the time, the thing that surprised me most was finding out that Christians had been working through these issues for thousands of years.  … continue reading...

Metanarrative: Apologetics in a PostModern Society that Demands Modernist Evidences

I posted a very quick blurb the other day about how I was going to start publishing some of my short stories on my blog. I didn’t elaborate much on it, but I used the word ‘metanarrative’ in the title. To my surprise, I received a fair amount of hits just from that brief mention. I have much to say about such issues in light of my interest in ‘literary apologetics’ but I was going to wait. I want people coming to this site in search of such themes to have some idea of where I’m coming from, so allow … continue reading...

A Christian Review of Antony Flew’s “There is a God: How the world’s most notorious atheist changed his mind.”

I don’t remember when I first encountered Antony Flew’s arguments for atheism.  I do know that it was primarily Flew’s brand of atheism that I rejected and it was his brand of atheism that I seemed to encounter most often at the time Christian apologetics became one of my passions.  I met the news of his change of mind with deep interest and looked forward to the re-release of his ‘God and Philosophy’ which was going to include a new introduction explaining exactly where he now stood and how he got there.  I was disappointed with the lack of new … continue reading...

Herr Professor on Atheism and Badness: A response to his Response

Herr Professor has redeemed himself slightly in my eyes in his latest reply to one of my posts.   He follows my blog very closely so no doubt he will discover this response to his so just a word of reminder to you, sir, that I do not use my blog for discussion and debate.  Still, I think his post represents a good faith attempt to answer my question so I shall reply.

First I must really object to his apparent summation of my argument:

So man’s inhumanity to man is supposed to pose a tough problem for atheists, not

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Matthew Murray, the atheist ex-pentecostal that killed Christians in the name of atheism …

Now that I got your attention.  😉

No doubt this tragedy is going to be hashed out along ideological grounds for some time to come.   For my part, I’m not very interested in those kinds of conversations, though I do note again how for the atheist, any transgression by an individual seems to be grounds for snide arguments against religion as a whole and Christianity in particular.  One of the commenters on my forum thinks that such approaches only occur among the ‘simple-minded’ atheists (his characterization) but as the thread I just linked to well illustrates, there is actually … continue reading...

Church Bulletin Insert: What Christian Parents Should Know about The Golden Compass and What they Should Do About it

This Project was Featured on the ChristianPost.com! [opens in new window]

“The Christian religion is a very powerful
and convincing mistake, that’s all.”
(The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman)



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This is a companion to a very detailed analysis I wrote of Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” series. It is a brief introduction covering points that Christian parents may be interested in knowing about the series.

It is formatted so that it can also be used as a … continue reading...