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The Doctors are Not Always Right: Says a comment, but not the story

I found this story to be interesting. It tells the story of twins, one of which was weaker than the other in the womb. In order to save the life of the stronger one… presumably… they were going to ‘terminate’ the weaker one. The story describes the efforts to kill the smaller baby but the result was that the baby kept on living. The boys look pretty healthy now.

The article doesn’t state the obvious, but a comment by another reader does: ” A lovely story. Doctors are not always right.”

Not all of us are confronted with the heart-wrenching decision to end a human life on the grounds that it will be more merciful to the child, or to the child’s siblings, and the article records the mother agonizing over it. I wonder, though, if she has re-thought her reliance on the docs.

The truth is that doctors are surprised all of the time. Not only that, but even apparently healthy babies can die suddenly, even while in the womb. With such uncertainty, it seems to me to be wise to let things play out. Truly, no one knows whether any given child will live or die. Truly, even after birth, any one of us could go suddenly. Without warning. And some who we think will die, will live. Some we think will be incapacitated to the point of having a miserable life, won’t. So let life live.

Is it ‘better’ to have lost both of the babies in this scenario because one chose to let them both be? Grief is grief, but as for me, I’d rather have the grief that comes from witnessing tragedy that was largely out of my control rather than grief I orchestrated in the hopes of having a future joy. As it is, as a father of four children myself, I understand that I could lose any of them at any point through accident or disease. If it came to a choice between saving one or saving the another, I wouldn’t make the choice. I would die trying to save them both.

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