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The Living and the Dead and Rational Thought

One of the things I’ve come to realize is the truth of this statement:

As the dead do not know the living, or even that they themselves are dead, so too irrationality does not know rationality.

Augustine argued that evil was not a ‘thing-in-itself’ but always some good thing that has been corrupted.  Evil is a direction away from good.  I think he is right about that and I know now that there are many examples of the same principle.  Rationality and Irrationality are one example.  The Living and the Dead, another.  Morality and Immorality yet one more.  I’m sure there are others, and now that I am more alert to the principle I’ll keep my eye out for them.

But it does raise interesting questions:  if the dead do not know they are dead how are you to proceed if you are a live person in the business of raising the dead?


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