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They aren’t Hobbits? They might be human but with a genetic Flaw? No! I don’t believe it!

Source Article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/main…scihobbit103.xml

And here is the problem:  there is no way to be sure that none of the so called ancestors to homo sapiens are not also just defective, deformed, diseased homo sapiens.  Consider this discussion off my forum where I made the same point when the news of the ‘Hobbit Species’ first broke:


Note the first response:

“So any time that there is an unanswered question, this is a “win” for the Creationist side?”

These people just don’t get it.  What is at issue is not what we conclude when faced with an ‘unanswered question’ but whether or not it is actually the case that all of the evidence for human evolution is called into question.   Creationists have been pointing out to evolutionists for a long time that other human ‘species’ may be genetically flawed homo sapiens.  Here we have evolutionists themselves using the exact same argument, so no one can say that the Creationists are offering an illegitimate or unscientific objection.

The question that evolutionists have to answer but can’t or won’t is whether or not there is anything that could require them to consider their ‘scientific’ theory falsified.   I am not a Creationist because I reject evolution.   I reject evolution because it sucks as a theory and is endlessly contrived so as to never be falsifiable in practice or in principle.  Similarly, you should not be an evolutionists because you reject Creationism.

If your theory can’t stand alone on its own merit without poo-pooing a rival, it is safe to say the theory probably doesn’t have much going for it.

Now, for the enterprising  evolutionists who stumble upon this blog, spare me the anti-Creationist vitriol.  All that does is show me that you can’t make the case for evolution on its own merits.  Instead, show me how you could ever know in principle and in practice that a so-called human ancestor might not just be a homo sapien with a genetic deformity.  If you can’t rule this out in any of the cases what right do you have in accepting any of them as actual steps in human evolution?


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