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We Were Made For Relationship

We were made for relationship.

Online social networks, reality television programs, Twitter, IM, email, blogs, texting, sports and entertainment events… we are wired to connect.

Christians explain that we need this connection, first with God. We say that people are trying to fill an empty place in their hearts and often look for other things to satisfy that empty place. We say that God, the Creator of humanity, the Master Designer and Builder, made us so that we would need that relationship with Him. Here we see a God that loves us, our response to His love, and loving Him back. Because once the God kind of love is realized and understood it is difficult to turn away.

Secondly, we have relationship with each other. The family is a perfect example of God’s idea of relationship on the earth. Each family member has a role according to their gender as outlined in the scripture. Here we see honor, respect, gratitude, submission, protection, value and love expressed. Parents love children. Children love parents.

This doesn’t mean a perfect family without difficulties, but here is the model.

Whether our relationships are frequent or infrequent, depending on one’s desires (or situation), the bottom line is we have the capacity to love and be loved.

Love is a powerful force in anyone’s life. The most miserable among us can be touched by small doses of unconditional, continual love. Even a kind gesture from a stranger can warm our hearts.

God’s love is the most powerful. We recognize in human terms that anyone who dies on behalf of someone else is a hero. The Creator of the Universe became flesh and dwelt among humanity because He so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son to redeem mankind from the destructive force and eternal consequence of sin. This love is truly life-changing.

Thing is, we can get lazy, forgetful, and take so much for granted. We are made of the same stuff as the Israelites who didn’t seem to remember that God had provided for them in the wilderness and the men who actually walked with Jesus were given instructions do this in remembrance of Me.
The powerful force of love has touched the Christian and now it is up to us do go and do likewise.

If we are careful to assess ourselves since our hearts are continually in need of searching, we will find that it’s more appealing to accomadate ourselves and not others. Yet, the scripture continually speaks to us about relationship with God and each other. From the opening of the first chapter in Genesis to the closing words of Revelation, it’s all about relationship. This should be our prime focus as we live out our lives.

What will this look like? Well, it will look like many things. Giving ourselves to people comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. Yet, as I’ve searched my own heart, I have often found times when it was certainly easier to write a check for someone else doing the work. How about me? Was I willing to be spent? That would mean perhaps that someone would inconvenience me…like go an extra mile. What if I didn’t have the desire time to go the first mile?

This isn’t a post about measuring love with the greatest being Mother Theresa compared to one living in suburbia who supports the work of Mother Theresa. This is about the willingness to be spent if called upon. And we all get called upon, don’t we?

Christians reflect the love of God through loving each other. And we know that Jesus said the world will know we are His through our love for each other. There are many good people out there doing good things for others who are not of the Christian faith or Atheists. What is going to make us look different than them? Should we look different? We should if we believe that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. We should if we believe there is only one way to possess eternal life.

And this love is going to be a divine kind of love that goes beyond the call of duty. It will be sacrificial since there is no self interest, but places the interest of others before him or herself (1 Corinthians 13). The world at best has conditions. We should have none. And that is what speaks. No matter the economic, religious, political, cultural, or language barriers, the human heart is the human heart and will receive accordingly.

to be continued…

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