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Referred: Midwest Christian Outreach, counter-cult and apologetics ministry

A long time ago I had some conversations with Don Veinot at Midwest Christian Outreach.  We touched base about once a year, I think.  Then I moved to a new city.  Still, I received their journals and newsletters, and so remained familiar with their ministry.

Recently, we renewed contact after he saw my recent article on WorldNetDaily.com on my argument that apologetics can be useful in addressing the ‘culture wars.’ It was then that I realized that I had never put a link to their webpage on my page, which is unfortunate.  They are a great resource and they’ve been ‘at it’ for much longer than I have.  Their material on the Jehovah Witnesses, in particular, has been informative for me.

So, the link has been added at last!  It is in the right menu but if your eyes are too lazy to scan over there you can check it out here:  http://www.midwestoutreach.org/

I saw that Don wrote a blog entry discussing the themes of my WND article, too.  It was interesting, as were the comments.  Check it out here:  If Johnny Jumped over a Cliff.  Gosh, that title sounds like some of the hate mail I get!  It’s a different Johnny, I swear!


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