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Welkome WND readers!

If you are here after reading my debut on Worldnetdaily.com and would like to comment on the column, this post would be the place.

My column on Worldnetdaily: “Apologetics the Cure for Social Ills?”

The evidence of societal decay is all around us. The California Supreme Court decision is not an isolated event. Despite eight years with a Republican president, much of that with a Republican-controlled legislature, abortion is still legal and rampant, and Roe v. Wade the “law” of the land. The cure, it would seem, is better legislative efforts and more efficient grass-roots campaigning for wholesome politicians. I don’t think so.

I should hasten to add that I think there is a proper place for attempts to advance decent legislation. I even doubt that we’ve done it enough. Yet, I should note that even if Roe v. Wade is overturned, abortion will become a states’ rights issue, and even if all 50 states abolished abortion, there will still be people getting abortions. We can successfully resist the gay agenda and preserve the traditional understanding of marriage, and yet there will still be gays. Moreover, even the straight community is filled with sexual immorality.

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