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What should Christians do about Barack Obama’s Stance on Abortion

Answer:  They should inform themselves and then absolutely vote against him.

I am writing expressly to Christians here so bear this in mind.

In my email box I have a letter from a Christian pastor saying that he is voting pro-life,  which means he is voting for Obama, on the grounds that protecting the environment is protecting everyone’s life.   McCain, of course, is on the global warming band wagon, so on its face the comment seems unnerving.  In light of what abortion is and the scale of which it occurs in our country, though, complaining about the environment while the abortion issue is on the table seems to me like complaining about the pollution made by the furnaces of one of Hitler’s death camps as it incinerates tens of thousands of Jews a day.  I guess what I’m saying is that I agree that the environment is important, but set against the deaths of millions of people a year before they’ve even had a chance to take their first breath… well, first things first, is all I’m saying.

Because of Obama’s extreme and radical position on abortion- far more extreme then Hillary Clinton or many other Democrats- I wonder if a Christian can in good conscience vote for Obama.

I will not dwell on the point.  Let me rather provide two links that I hope will put it into context and compel the Christian who does not agree with me to arrive at the same opinion.

Here is the first link.  It is a well stated description of just how extreme Obama is on this score.  Incidentally, it also takes aim at Christians voting for Obama:  Public Discourse.

Here is the second link.  It makes a very pointed comparison with child sacrifice:  truly, the Canaanites never did anything as bad as we are doing today.  Judeo-Christian Worldview.

Think about it.


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